Do you belive love at first sight or do i have to walk by again (16+)

Do you believe love at first sight? Well Ana is a new student at a typical high school . When she meets "The styles brothers" She just cant control her feelings For 1 of the boys.....Which one?


1. First day of school...ugh!


"UGH.!!!!" I said as I got outta bed. I walked into my bathroom and looked into the mirror and I looked like shit. I walked over to mah closet and picked out my clothes I got from Hollister I had some short-shorts and got my baby blue shirt and I got my high tops converse and walked back into the bathroom and brushed my teeth and brushed my hair and curled it.....after a while I finished and looked in my mirror and heard my mom yelling from downstairs. Ana! hurry up! its time to get going!!! she said as I grabbed my phone and iPod.

~~~ In the car ~~~

I plugged my ipod in and rack city by tyga came on. Rack city bitch rack rack city bitch. I sang along as I arrived at school. I walked inside the building and saw my bff's Samantha and shay I call Samantha sammie ......obviously hah any ways..... right when we all started to talk about how we were excited about the first day of school and about all the SEXY boys :) then the bell interrupted us so we walked to our assigned lockers and shay and sammies lockers were right next mine I was so happy :) haha! I said looking at both of them.  so we started yappin about a lot of stuff. I am so happy i don't have to walk 10 miles down the hall just to see you! sammie said relived. hey ana!someone is checking you out! shay said out loud so like a dumbass I turned around and saw some really hot boy with sexy curly hair looking at meh causing me to blush like crazy. then the bell rang a second time so I got all my stuff ready and walked to my first class and saw a lot of slutty girls sitting on their desks so I bursted out in laughter as I took my seat then I saw a curly headed boy walk in I noticed that he was the boy that was checking me out which caused me to blush again then he sat next to me and we had this awkward moment were we stared into eachothers eyes me and him bursted into laughter! im harry styles. he said while holding his hand out so I shook it. the blah blah blah the teacher said. then the bell rang and blah blah blah we went to all our other classes nothing special anyways it was lunch  and I saw shay and sammie talking to this blonde boy and this hot guy with a quaff. hey guys!i said as I walked over to them noticing that harry was standing there . hey harry! I said with a smile . hey sexy! he said as I blushed.....again. hey can I talk to you ana??? harry said. sure! I said with an even bigger smile looking like an idiot. so I was wondering if u wanted to come to a party with me.....I mean shay and sammie are going with niall and zayn. he said scratching the back of his neck. sure! I said. so its a date.?! harry said with a smile showing those gorgeous dimples! um.....I never said it was a date big guy!! hah just kidding. I said with a smirk then the bell rang and blah blah blah the day went bye fast and everything so I went home with my mom not usual... so he said that it started at 8:00 but everone always showed up early like at 7:30 so I took a nap and woke up at like 5:48. SHIT! I screamed as I got up and took a shower. it took me like 10 mins just to take a shower so I got my blow dry-er < lol and curled my hair and got all my make-up and put it mascara eyeliner then I curled my eyelashes and looked at my phone "7:45" UGH! I said to myself then I got my purse and got into my car and left .... the party was only to blocks away. hmm.... I said to myself as I walk into the ouse and saw shay and sammie there with zayn and niall.zayn kept whispering in sammies ear....I kinda got worried then someone grabbed my hip then I shrieked and turned around and saw harry then a slow song turned on so he pulled me close and I giggled a little bit. the song marry you by Bruno mars came on. hey ana .... do you wanna date he said to me. yeah......sure.! I said to him....then like @ 12 everyone was passed out including harry so I started laughing my ass off and took a shit loads of pics of everyone then posted them on instagrahm . then started to walk home leaving my car keys with harry so he could go home so I took a short cut in an alley way then I heard like these big foot steps behind me it looked exactly like harry. Harry?? I said looking at him. Think again! he spat at me. Okay first of all don't fucking spit in my face! I said with an attitude l looked at him then he started laughing at me. Wow your funny he said lifting me on his shoulder and I was half drunk so I started slaping his butt and started laughing at him then I fell asleep.


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