Dark Paradise

Audrey has never felt so alone before in her life. Her brothers have abandoned her, her old friends hate her and bully her, and her so-called Aunt abuses her. What could be worse? Oh, yeah. Justin Bieber. He's head of one of the most dangerous gangs in the east side of town, and his life is already at its peak. When they meet, Audrey despises him. But Justin is somewhat fond of the fragile, insecure girl, so he decides to take her under his wing. For the first time in so long, everything seems to be going good for Audrey. But what happens when tensions rise between another local gang, and Audrey is stuck in the middle of it? Will it be a nightmare, or is it just Dark Paradise? © 2013 by beliebervision & SoccerBieber18. All Rights Reserved.


8. Chapter 7

"Justin." Claire said sternly as Justin just off the last step. 
"What happened?" He sighed. He knew when Claire wanted to talk to him, something went wrong in what they were planning. 

She sighed and wrapped her arms around Justin's shoulders. Claire always had a thing for Justin but he didn't really feel the same way. Claire would throw herself at him. And he liked a girl who played hard to get. Something interesting or like a challenge. Anyway…he put up with Claire only for his manly needs. 

"Too many people showed up and we had to run. The plan didn't work." She mumbled tracing shapes on Justin's chest. His jaw clenched and he looked up at the wall trying to stay calm. 

This time Claire wasn't trying to seduce him in anyway for her likings. She thought he felt the same about her so she tried to play with him and flirt to calm him down while she told him the plan failed…miserably. 

"Did you at least try?!" He spat through clenched teeth. Prying off her arms from around his shoulders, Claire's heart rate increased instantly getting scared. 

Along with Claire, Audrey was nervous watching at the steps. She could only think that Justin was going to hurt Claire. 

"Of course baby! We always try." Claire said running her finger softly on Justin's jaw hoping he would calm down. He rolled his eyes annoyed by her action. 

"I'm not sending you girls to handle business anymore! You guys just don't do anything right!" Justin yelled shocking everyone in the room. Causing Kaiden and Liam to stop sucking faces and Seth to drop his beer bottle. 

Audrey had a hand covering her mouth. The ass who also could be sweet just scared the living shit out of her and everyone in the room. She didn't want to go back to her old house and she wasn't to sure if she wanted to stay here either with Justin. 

Not knowing what else to do, Claire smack her lips on Justin's. Hoping to calm him down and she caught a glimpse of Audrey by the staircase. Claire remembered her from the stupid cafe Justin made them go into and she hears the boys talking about her all the time making fun of Justin. 

Not thinking Audrey was there, Justin kissed back grabbing her face in his hands starting at her jawline then into her hair. Claire mentally sighed thinking he wasn't mad anymore and ran her hands up and down his chest. 

"Fuck." Audrey muttered a little too loud earning stares from in that room including Justin. Who was current still kissing Claire with one eye open. Audrey just didn't understand that he was about to kiss her early but moved on to a different girl so fast. She wasn't mad or hurt she was just confused about the boy mind. She didn't know how it changed so quickly so she had an outburst. 

After hearing her swearing, Justin pushed Claire off of him and scowled Audrey. 
"I told you to stay up there!" He yelled making Audrey's heart jump. She prayed he wasn't going to hit her so she ran upstairs back to his room shutting the door. 

Justin ran a hand through his hair in frustration went to the fridge to grab a beer. He felt the urge to have one. To calm his nerves a little. 

Audrey went and sat on the floor. Putting her hand in her hands, she imagined what Justin would say to her.

Sighing after he finished half his beer he decided to go ahead and go upstairs to talk to Audrey. He opened the door to see her on the floor with her head in her hands. 
"I'm sorry okay? I wasn't trying to make you mad so can we just get this over with now?" Audrey sighed preparing herself for what's next. 

Justin furrowed his eyebrows completely and utterly confused. 
"What the hell are you talking about?" He asked looking down at her. Audrey hadn't lifted her head up yet. She was afraid of what he'll do if she does. 

"Aren't you going to hurt me in someway for not obeying rules or just watching you kiss someone?" She asked as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. Justin ran a frustrated hand through his hair. 
"I'm not going to hurt you Audrey." He told her but frustration clearly in his voice. 

Still Audrey stayed where she was. She felt embarrassed and uncomfortable about the situation and she didn't really know what else to do.

Justin--not knowing what else to do--awkwardly checked his watch seeing it was 3:00 in the morning. 
"It's late, you should probably get some rest." Justin said quietly getting Audrey to look up. He had his hands to pull her up. She stared at them for awhile before putting her hands in them as he pulled her up. 

"Do you have a pillow and a blanket I could use?" Audrey asked quietly looking at the hard wood floor she was prepared to sleep on.
"No sorry, not for the floor." Justin joked with a smile on his face. Audrey didn't get it. She shrugged and went down to lay on the floor. 

Justin chuckled as he shook his head. 
"Audrey, I was joking." He said as she looked up. She blushed instantly feeling embarrassed. "We're sharing a bed for the night." He finished. Audrey looked at him like he was crazy. Why was he being so generous? 

"Well good night. Feel free to lay on the mattress of course when your ready. I'm whipped." Justin said as he leaped to the bed. He looked at her with a warm smile. "Good night." He winked before turning out the light. 

That's exactly what Audrey waited for before laying at the complete edge on the bed. Feeling the bed sink a little made Justin smile. Now he knows he can't push her too much, she'll move at her own pace. 

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