Dark Paradise

Audrey has never felt so alone before in her life. Her brothers have abandoned her, her old friends hate her and bully her, and her so-called Aunt abuses her. What could be worse? Oh, yeah. Justin Bieber. He's head of one of the most dangerous gangs in the east side of town, and his life is already at its peak. When they meet, Audrey despises him. But Justin is somewhat fond of the fragile, insecure girl, so he decides to take her under his wing. For the first time in so long, everything seems to be going good for Audrey. But what happens when tensions rise between another local gang, and Audrey is stuck in the middle of it? Will it be a nightmare, or is it just Dark Paradise? © 2013 by beliebervision & SoccerBieber18. All Rights Reserved.


24. Chapter 23

Of course Audrey felt bad for leaving Justin like that, but she just couldn't handle it right now. She quickly walked down to Avery's room. She knocked before coming in. 

She knew it was early in the morning like 5:00am but, she was almost completely certain Avery was still awake. 
"Come in." She heard a weak quietly voice say. Audrey quickly opened the door to see Avery starring at the ceiling wide awake. She quickly came in closing the door. 

"Can I sleep with you tonight?" Audrey asked looking down. She felt like a five year old asking her mother. Avery sighed in relief that she didn't have to been alone today. 
"Of course!" Avery told her scooting so Audrey could lay down. Audrey laid so she was facing Avery. "I'm sorry ya know." Avery whispered to Audrey after a few moments of silence. 
"For what?" Audrey whispered back furrowing her eyebrows. 
"For betraying the gang and stuff. It's just…since Claire hasn't had Justin, she's been trying to get into Seth's pants. I really have strong feelings for him and I thought he liked me but…he was playing along with Claire so I got jealous. And everything went downhill from there." Avery told her a few tears slipping her eyes. 

Audrey felt bad. She thought it was her fault for all this. If she didn't start dating Justin then none of this would of happened. 
"I'm sorry it's my fault." Audrey mumbled looking down. She couldn't help but think she messes everything up. 
"No! It's not. Claire is just a whore and a bitch. Why do you feel as if its your fault?" Avery quickly told her. 

"If I wouldn't have come here then none of this would of happened. I just screw everything up." Audrey blurted out loud standing up to get out of the room but Avery gripped her wrist. 
"Audrey, you knew that wasn't my intention. You did nothing wrong." Avery told her. "And if you left here, what were you going to do? Go back to Justin's room? Something obviously happened." Avery finished. 

Audrey knew she was right so she hesitantly laid back down. 
"What happened between you guys anyway?" Avery mumbled after Audrey got comfortable again. Audrey shook her head. Whatever happened in that dream she wanted to keep it to herself even if Avery was her best friend. "Ok, well goodnight." Avery sighed. 
"Goodnight." Audrey said before turning and closing her eyes. 

Justin couldn't go back to sleep after Audrey's sudden leaving. He just didn't understand what he could have done wrong in his sleep to make her go away. But knowing Audrey he knew it would make it worst if he followed her plus he didn't know if he could move yet. So he sighed looking up at the ceiling before slowly falling asleep. 


Audrey woke up to the bed shaking indicating Avery got up. Audrey took a deep breath before turning over to see it was light outside. 

With a yawn she stepped out of bed wiggling her toes before walking upstairs to the main level. 

When she got there she saw Avery and Seth talking and everyone else around doing there own thing except she didn't see Justin. 

She knew she had to talk to him sooner or later. She wasn't scared to talk to him but seriously how do you explain to him that you just had a dream and you decided to leave because it freaked you out. It makes you sound crazy. But she didn't want to keep him waiting or to see him with Claire again. She didn't think she could take it. 

She walked upstairs and went though the familiar hallway to Justin's room. She quietly opened the door to see him still sleeping. She smiled at how cute he looked. With his lips slowly parted and the way he was hugging a pillow like it was her. 

She went over to the bed and moved the pillow and put herself in his arms. It didn't seem like Justin noticed but he did. He just didn't want the moment to end. 
"Why did you leave last night?" He asked in a mumbled pulling her tighter to him. Audrey sighed. 
"Justin would you ever try to kill me?" She asked seriously, avoiding his previously question. 

Justin's eyes shot open. Revealing the hazel beauties that Audrey could melt into at any moment. 
"Why do you ask that?" He asked moving his arms away from her. He was a little upset she would ask him such a cruel question just because of what he told her yesterday. Audrey felt a little hurt by him moving his arms away from her. 
"Just answer the question…please." Audrey muttered looking down. Justin sighed. 
"No Audrey." He said with an annoyed tone. 

He couldn't believe she would ask such a question. He was hurt because she even was contemplating that he would do that only cause he said he as killed people before. 

Audrey frowned not trying to make him feel annoyed. She just wanted to know because she couldn't stand the thought of that dream coming true. 

Justin quickly got out the bed walking to his closet pulling out dark jeans and a hoodie before walking into the bathroom slamming the door. He just needed to be somewhere Audrey wasn't right now because she was really working his nerve. 

Audrey just sighed, fixing herself so her head was in her hands and her legs were dangling from the edge of the bed. She didn't want to offend him in any way. She didn't know how she did. 

Justin and Audrey's relationship was almost the sweetest relationship you would ever want but they just didn't know how to communicate to each other well.

She heard the bathroom door shut and footsteps reach the door. 
"Where are you going?" Audrey asked broken and quietly. It took all that it was in Justin not to go and comfort her. 
"Out." He spat before walking out the door and down the steps. 

What did I do wrong? 

Where did he go? 

Why doesn't he talk to me?

Audrey thought to herself as she felt a few tears slip her eye. 

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