Dark Paradise

Audrey has never felt so alone before in her life. Her brothers have abandoned her, her old friends hate her and bully her, and her so-called Aunt abuses her. What could be worse? Oh, yeah. Justin Bieber. He's head of one of the most dangerous gangs in the east side of town, and his life is already at its peak. When they meet, Audrey despises him. But Justin is somewhat fond of the fragile, insecure girl, so he decides to take her under his wing. For the first time in so long, everything seems to be going good for Audrey. But what happens when tensions rise between another local gang, and Audrey is stuck in the middle of it? Will it be a nightmare, or is it just Dark Paradise? © 2013 by beliebervision & SoccerBieber18. All Rights Reserved.


23. Chapter 22

Audrey laughed when she walked into Justin's bedroom. He was sitting cross-legged on the bed and his face was formed into a frown. 

"Hey how's it going no-legs?" She asked, making Justin stick his tongue out at her. 

"Shut the fuck up." He said, rather harshly. Audrey pouted and leaned against the door frame. 

"Do you feel any better?" 

He shook his head. "I still can't feel my legs." he said, and then smirked. "I also can't feel it when I pee. It's pretty cool." 

Audrey gagged. "Ew! You're such a boy and it's disgusting." 

Justin laughed and held his arms out. "Yeah I'm a boy that wants to kiss his girlfriend right now." 

Audrey froze. He'd never referred to her as his girlfriend before. She wondered if it had to do with the fact that her brothers were out to kill her. She shook the thought off, though, and walked over and wrapped her arms around him. 

"I'm not your girlfriend." She said. Justin kissed the top of her head. 

"Yes you are." He said. "And I'm your boyfriend." 

Audrey shivered. "What if I don't want a crippled, gang boyfriend?" 

"I am not crippled." 

"As of right now, you are." She laughed. "But you are in a gang." 

"Hardly." He repositioned her so she was sitting in his lap. "We're just a group of people who kill other people for money. That's all." 

There was a long pause. Audrey closed her eyes and felt Justin's lips on hers. She smiled and kissed him back for a brief moment until she pulled away and opened her eyes again. 


"Yes beautiful?" 

"Have you ever killed someone before? Like, really killed someone?" She asked. Justin sighed.

"Yes." He replied. "But don't think of me as some cold hearted killer now. I think I might kill myself if I loose the best thing that's ever happened to me." 

Audrey smiled. "Am I really the best thing that ever happened to you, or are you just saying that?"

"Why would I just be saying that for no reason?"

Audrey shrugged. "I don't know. You know I have trust issues."  

"Trust issues or not, I still love you." 

Audrey smiled and then let her eyes fall shut again. She didn't know why she was so tired, but she figured it had something to do with the unexpected kidnapping. She felt Justin play with her hair and since it felt nice, she started to fall asleep. But she didn't want to, so she forced her eyes open again. 

Justin frowned. "You can fall asleep if you want." 

"I want to but I don't want you to be bored." Audrey said. Justin laughed. 

"You know I can't move, so just try to fall asleep, okay?" 

She nodded. The next thing she knew was her eyes fell shut and Justin kissed her on the forehead before she fell into nothingness. 


Audrey dreamt that she was standing in Aunt Sara's living room again. There was something weird about it all, though. Her furniture was actually nice. Audrey could feel herself gasp. Aunt Sara never had nice furniture. The floors were hardwood, instead of carpet and the couches were leather instead of cheap fabric. She was looking around when she heard the banging. 

It was coming from upstairs, and when she tried to move, it didn't work. She seemed to be stuck to the floor. She tried calling out for Justin, but that only made things worse. 

Justin came, but he appeared out of nowhere and he was holding a gun to her head. 

"Don't misbehave, Audrey. Or I'll shoot." He said. "Do you want to die?" 

She shook her head. 

"That's really too bad. I was going to kill you anyways." 

And then he pulled the trigger. But nothing happened. She didn't feel anything go through her head, so what really happened? 

Her eyes skimmed the room. Justin had fallen on the ground and Jesse was standing above him. When Audrey tried to move her legs, this time it worked. She ran towards Jesse and he wrapped his arms around her. 

"It's okay," he muttered. "Justin's gone. He's not going to hurt you." 

She let Jesse hold her while she cried. Why did Justin try to kill her when he loved her? she wondered. Then she woke up. 


When Audrey's eyes opened, she noticed that she was tucked into the bed with her head on a pillow and Justin next to her. His arm was around her so she couldn't move and when she tried he didn't budge. Her dark red hair was sticking to her now-sweaty forehead and her eyes were wet with tears. 

"Justin," she said. Her voice sounded hoarse. Had she been crying? 


"Justin, move your arm."  

He groaned and then reluctantly moved his arm. After he did, Audrey sat up immediately and got out of the bed. Justin opened his eyes and frowned. 

"What are you doing?" he asked. 

As Audrey slipped on a sweatshirt, she said, "Going downstairs. I can't sleep here." 

He sat up. "Why not?" 

"Because...I just can't." 

Justin reached out to touch her but she smacked his hand away. 

"Don't touch me." she said. "Please don't touch me." 

"Audrey, what--" 

She shook her head and headed for the door. "I'm sorry Justin. Just go back to bed, and I'll come up tomorrow, okay?" 

Justin furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. "Okay? I guess." 

Audrey glanced at him one more time before she made her way out the door and down the stairs.

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