Dark Paradise

Audrey has never felt so alone before in her life. Her brothers have abandoned her, her old friends hate her and bully her, and her so-called Aunt abuses her. What could be worse? Oh, yeah. Justin Bieber. He's head of one of the most dangerous gangs in the east side of town, and his life is already at its peak. When they meet, Audrey despises him. But Justin is somewhat fond of the fragile, insecure girl, so he decides to take her under his wing. For the first time in so long, everything seems to be going good for Audrey. But what happens when tensions rise between another local gang, and Audrey is stuck in the middle of it? Will it be a nightmare, or is it just Dark Paradise? © 2013 by beliebervision & SoccerBieber18. All Rights Reserved.


20. Chapter 19

"If that's the case we have to go find her." Audrey said to Justin. He sighed and shook his head. 
"I don't know…" he said scratching the back of his head. Justin wanted to go find Avery because she is a really good friend and was super smart but, he didn't know how she was going to listen to them. 

Audrey furrowed her eyebrows. 
"I agree with Justin." Seth said reaching Kaiden's boiling point. 
"Oh shut up Seth! You're just jealous that she thought some else was cute!" Kaiden yelled lunging at him. But luckily Liam caught her before she did anything she would regret. 

"I'm not loosing my best friend so I'm going to go find her whether you guys like it or not." Audrey told them breaking her grip from Justin and finding her shoes. 
"Me too." Kaiden said breaking away from Liam and following Audrey to the door. Audrey smiled at her. 
"Me three." Veronica said also walking to the door. 

Justin understood the girls point but he was scared to leave Audrey alone. He ran a hand through his hair before getting a hold of her arm and pulling her off to him. 
"What?" She asked looking up at him. He looked away from her. 
"I don't want to leave you alone." Justin mumbled. Audrey smiled. She put her hand on his cheek. 
"I'll be with Kaiden and Veronica." She smiled as she caressed his cheek with her thumb. He sighed. 
"Fine, just be careful." He gave in. 

Audrey bit her lip as she put her other hand on his opposite cheek bringing his face closet to hers. Before she pressed her lips onto his. 

"Umm…some of us have things to do." Kaiden said aiming for Justin and Audrey as they hadn't stop kissing yet. Audrey broke away smiling at Justin before walking over to the girls. 
"Sorry." She mumbled before they walked outside. 

"Dude!" Liam laughed at Justin. "She has you wrapped around her finger tip." He finished. As always to a comment like this Justin ignored it not wanting to admit anything. So he just walked over to the fridge to get a beer. 

"Do one of you guys have a phone or something so we can see where Avery is?" Audrey asked as they started walking into town because of the cars. Veronica and Kaiden smiled at each other before looking towards Audrey. 
"We know exactly where she is." They giggled grabbing ahold of Audrey's hands making her flinch. 

After about an hour of walking they arrived at a club. The music was booming from outside and there where people everywhere surrounding the place. 
"Ok, I'll check upstairs, Veronica downstairs, and Audrey you think you can handle outside?" Kaiden asked. Audrey nodded and all three girls smiled.
"Alright well call us if you find her!" Veronica said to the girls before they parted there separate ways. 

Audrey was looking around the people but couldn't spot Avery anywhere. She started to get worried because neither Veronica or Kaiden came out with her yet. 

With a sigh Audrey was about to give up before she heard a familiar giggle then moaning noises. Audrey turned in that way which happened to be a dark alley…of course. 

Her eyes widened at what she saw. Jesse had her back up against a wall kissing her and basically dry humping each other. Audrey got scared to stop them because Jesse was there so she ran into the club looking for one of the girls. 

Audrey ran around the first floor searching for Veronica until she ran into somebody making her stumble. 
"Audrey, did you find her?" Veronica asked after Audrey was standing up straight. She nodded and took Veronica's hand dragging her out of the club. 
"Slow down Audrey- OH NO SHE DIDN'T!" Veronica started but then saw the sight of Jesse and Avery. 

Veronica thought it was fine to think he was cute but to make out with a rival is crossing the line…big time. She got out of Audrey gripped and stormed over to Avery. Audrey was standing at a far so she wouldn't get recognized by Jesse. 

She pushed Jesse off of Avery and starting yelling at her. Audrey couldn't tell what they were saying because she was so far away but she couldn't definitely tell Avery was feeling bad and Veronica was beyond furious with her. 

"Whoa, you found her?" Audrey heard someone sat from behind her. She snapped her head in that direction to see Kaiden. 
"Yeah, she was making out with him." Audrey told her pointing to Jesse. Kaiden nodded. 
"Wait is that the dude from the other gang?" Kaiden asked moving a little closer. 
"Yep, also my brother." Audrey mumbled taking Kaiden by surprise. She about to say something but then Veronica was coming back in this direction. 

"Come on." Veronica said with clenched teeth while dragging Avery behind her as she started walking in the direction of the house. 
"Please don't tell Seth." Avery cried to all of them. Veronica was a little hesitant at first while Audrey and Kaiden were quick to nod. With a sigh Veronica nodded making all four girls smile. 

As they were walking they heard a car beep at them repeatedly. 
"AYE!" A familiar voice Audrey would know from anywhere got there attention. They looked to see Justin with a big Tahoe. They all furrowed there eyebrows before climbing in. Audrey getting into the front seat as the other girls climbed in the back. 

"How did you get this car…so fast?" Audrey asked Justin in amazement. 
"I know people." He shrugged turning to her before he started driving again. 

Audrey was looking out the window listening to the girls talk in the back, when she felt a warm hand rest on her upper thigh. She flinched for a second and turned to see Justin smiling shaking his head. 
"Relax." He whispered to her as he started moving his hand up and down her thigh. Audrey smiled and blushed looking out the window again. 

All the girls made kissing noises in the back making Audrey blush even more and laugh. 

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