Dark Paradise

Audrey has never felt so alone before in her life. Her brothers have abandoned her, her old friends hate her and bully her, and her so-called Aunt abuses her. What could be worse? Oh, yeah. Justin Bieber. He's head of one of the most dangerous gangs in the east side of town, and his life is already at its peak. When they meet, Audrey despises him. But Justin is somewhat fond of the fragile, insecure girl, so he decides to take her under his wing. For the first time in so long, everything seems to be going good for Audrey. But what happens when tensions rise between another local gang, and Audrey is stuck in the middle of it? Will it be a nightmare, or is it just Dark Paradise? © 2013 by beliebervision & SoccerBieber18. All Rights Reserved.


2. Chapter 1

"Audrey get your ass up! You need to go to work so I don't kick your sorry ass out!" Aunt Sara's annoying voice rang through Audrey's ears. Audrey rolled her eyes at thought of having to go back to that hell hole that's called a restaurant. 

She trudged along to the shower starting her process of the day. Next was the horrifying green shorts, the yellow "Lucky's Cafe." T-shirt, and the worst part of it all… the rainbow suspenders with buttons all over them. Trust me, Audrey hated it but she's been wearing this for the past 6 months. So now it just looks normal in her eyes. 

Once she's got the outfit on she goes to the mirror looking at her wavy red hair. It was quite beautiful but of course she didn't think so. Nothing in her life she likes except for the picture on her nightstand of her mom, her and Jesse. It was the only thing that kept her going now a days. 

Finally decided on a high ponytail going to her a little past her shoulders and doing a little eyeliner and mascara, then slipping on her black all-stars, she was off to Lucky's -not so Lucky- cafe. 

Pulling up to the restaurant in her 1999 Toyota Camry she noticed the oh so familiar three cars park in the lot with the people with dark clothing surrounding them. There was the Range Rover, the GMC Tahoe, and the Mercedes Benz. Just as there clothes the cars were black also. 

Audrey didn't know what they were about and she wanted it to stay that way. They didn't look to friendly plus she came to this rundown cafe only for one reason…money. 

Quickly speed walking into the cafe, she couldn't help but notice the guy sitting on the hood of the Range Rover's eye on her. That was the infamous Justin Bieber. The head of the gang around the cars. For the weeks that they would meet up here Justin always noticed Audrey.  He wasn't sure if he wanted to get to know her but she was fine and that's all he cared about. 

Tying her apron and clocking in, Audrey was ready for another day in ancient place they call a cafe. 
"Ahh…Ava you got sections 2 and 3 today." Marcy her manager told her looking at her clipboard while smacking on a piece of gum. 
"Okay, thank you." Audrey replied softly. After all the months working her Marcy never got her name right so Audrey just stopped trying after awhile. It was always Amber, Ava, Ally, or something she could think of that started with an A. 

With a sigh Audrey looked out into the mostly empty cafe waiting for her first customer of the day to stop in. She anxiously tapped her foot on the wooden floor while chewing on the end of a pen waiting and waiting. 

I know what you're thinking--is she the only waitress that works here? Well there are about seven in all but nobody really cares or noticed Audrey. Usually a person would feel hurt or angry about that but Audrey was used to it. 

Finally she heard the little ding from the bell go off and and people pile into her sections. She had a weak smile on her face as she walked up to the tables with a pen and paper. But as she got closer and closer she notice who were actually sitting at the tables. 

It was the kids from outside. They always hung out outside the restaurant but never actually came in so this caught her by surprise. And her smile slow faded little by little as she saw the kid who was always eyeballing her with a disgusting smirk on his face. 

"Hey sexy." He winked as she approached the table. 

By now her smile had disappeared and was replaced with a disgusted frown. But it quickly changed as she saw Marcy eyeballing her. Audrey smiled--a fake smile--that was so big, she looked like she'd won the lottery. 

"This should be a interesting table to wait." Audrey muttered to herself. 

And by the way Justin was looking at her, she wasn't too far off. 

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