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'Niall what are you doing here? It's 2 in the morning!' I didn't respond. I stepped closer, put my left hand on her waist and pulled her closer. I cupped her face with my right hand and looked in those beautiful green eyes. Her cheeks turned red and she bit her bottom lip which totally turned me on. I wanted to kiss her gorgeous pink lips so badly but I was not sure if she really wanted it. 'Kiss me already' she said and with that I pressed my lips against hers. I bit her bottom lip. She moaned and I instantly stuck my toungue in her mouth. Her hands tangled up in my hair and she pulled it lightly. I was so horny right now. I moved my hands down her backside and slowly pushed her on the bed behind her.


4. What?

Gemmas POV

"Gemmaaaaaaaaa! Come on Gemma, wake uppppp!!"

I opened my eyes to se Harry leaning over me. 

"What the hell, Harry!" I said and pushed him away.

"Why did you wake me up?" I was so mad at him. He knew that I went to a party last night and I came home late because this girl... Oh my god. The girl!! I jumped from my bed and ran downstairs to see the girl still sleeping on the couch. I sat down on the couch oppisite of hers and watched her sleep. She looked so peaceful. But why is she alone? 

"Who is she? I woke up this morning and wanted to watch Spongebob and I almost sat down on her!" Harry came into the livingroom and sat down next to me. 

"Not that I mind. She's fit!" he added and I punched him in the arm.

"Ouch, what was that for?"

"Leave her alone, Harry! She's been through enough, she doesn't need you!" I told him and he gave me a confused look.

"What do you mean? Why is she here?"

I took in a deep breath. Should I tell him? 

Harry looked at the girl and then at me. I sighed and told him everything that happened last night. When I came to the part of the men, he clenched his fists in anger. After I finished Harry stood up and walked in the kitchen. I followed him.

"Harry, can you please leave?" I asked.

"What, why do you want me to leave?" he asked.

"Harry, do you think it's a good idea for her to see you when she wakes up? Did you see her One Direction bracelet? She would flip out and I want her to calm down a little." I explained. Harry nodded. 

"Right, okay so I will just go out for today. I need some new boots anyway. But remember, the boys are coming tomorrow. So if she stays longer, you sould prepare her!" he said winking at me and sowing of is dimples. 

I rolled my eyes and pushed him out of the house.

"I'll be back by at arond 6pm!" he said and I closed the door.

"Gemma?" I heard a quiet voice call from te living room.

Haleys POV

I woke up and the first thing that came to my mind was: Where am I?

But then I remembered last night and I remembered Gemma.

I needed to use the bathroom but I didn't know my way around.

"Gemma?" I called her and within seconds she was standing in front of me.

"Hey. You're awake. How are you?" she asked and smiled at me lightly.

"I'm alrigt I guess" I answered truthfully and gave her a small smile.

"Do you want to have breakfast?" she asked me and I nodded.

"Yeah, but I need to use the bathroom first." I said and she showed me the way.

After I was done cleaning myself up a bit I went to the kitchen. I watched Gemma making pancakes. She looked so familiar but that was probably just imagination. How could I know her. 

"Hey there you are. Do you want coffee?" she asked and I nooded my head.

"I need coffee more than oxygen" I told her which made her laugh.

"So yesterday I didn't really have the chance to ask, but what's your name?" Gemma asked while pouring me some coffee.

"Oh right. I'm Haley. Haley James Scott." I said smiling at her.

"Hi Haley." Gemma said giggling. "So tell me about yourself. Why were you alone at the busstation in the middle of the night?" she asked.

I sighed and told her everything. I told her about my life back in Southampton, I even told er about Jay and finally I told her about finding my dad.

"Oh my gosh Haley I'm so sorry. Sounds like you had a fucked up birthday." she said and I laughed at her comment.

"You know what. You are trying to find your father right?" 

I nodded.

"And you said he probably lives here in Holmes Chapel?"

I nodded again.

"Well I think you're really nice and you don't have a place to stay so if you want to you can stay here until you find your father. My parents come back this weekend and I'm sure they won't mind." she said.

I looked at her with wide eyes. 

"Gemma, you don't have to do this. I can't give you anything for letting me stay." I said but she just shook her head.

"No, no, love. You're staying here. And you can give me your company. That will be enough. My brothers friends are going to stay here for the next 2 months and they drive me crazy so I would LOVE to have a girl stay here with me!" she said and I laughed.

"Okay, I guess I'm staying here." I said and Gemma jumped of her chair and embraced me in a huge hug. 

"Yay, come on I will show you your room!" she said while dragging me upstairs.

"We have 3 guest rooms. You can have this one. It's the biggest." she said winking at me.

The room was huge. Inside was a king size bed, a flatscreen, a walk in closet and a huge bathroom. 

"I hope this is alright." Gemma said.

"Alright?" I said. "This is awesome" 

"Come on. Let's go downstairs. Plane Jane is about to start" Gemma said which made me jump off the bed.

"Plane Jane? I LOVE this show!!" I said and Gemma laughed. 

While walking downstairs I noticed the pictures on the walls. Gemma was in front of me so she didn't notice that I stopped and looked at a picture. It must be a little older. On the picture I saw a teenage Gemma in a cute summer dress and next to her a boy, probably her brother. He looked so familiar. He almost looked like... 

"Haley where are you?" I heard Gemma walk up the stairs until she reached me. She looked at the picture and then at me. "Surprise?" she said in a questioning tone.

I stood there with my mouth wide open. No friggin way. That's why I thought Gemma looked familiar. I've seen pictures of her with Harry before. Harry Styles. I'm standing in Harry Styles house. Oh. My. God.

"Haley, are you alright?" Gemma asked.

I just nodded while going downstairs. I sat down at the couch to sort out my thoughts. And that's when I remembered what Gemma said earlier this day.

"So when you said your brothers friends are coming over, do you mean..."

"Yeah the boys are on break and since we have the biggest house, they decided to stay here. I really hope you don't mind. But I saw your One Direction bracelet and thought you wouldn't have a problem." se said winking at me.

I instantly blushed. Somehow I was embaressed of my bracelet. 

"Okay so let's watch Plane Jane now." she said turning on the TV.

But I honestly couldn't concentrate on the show. My thoughts were going crazy. I am sitting on Harry freaking Styles couch and I will meet him today. And even better: Tomorrow I will meet the rest of One Direction, I will meet Niall!! Oh. My. God.

Okay guys. Finally chapter 4! What do you think? How would you react in Haley situation?
I will start writing the new chapter tonight so I will probably upload it tomorrow! :)
I'm so excited for Haley to meet the guys!!

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