Give me love

'Niall what are you doing here? It's 2 in the morning!' I didn't respond. I stepped closer, put my left hand on her waist and pulled her closer. I cupped her face with my right hand and looked in those beautiful green eyes. Her cheeks turned red and she bit her bottom lip which totally turned me on. I wanted to kiss her gorgeous pink lips so badly but I was not sure if she really wanted it. 'Kiss me already' she said and with that I pressed my lips against hers. I bit her bottom lip. She moaned and I instantly stuck my toungue in her mouth. Her hands tangled up in my hair and she pulled it lightly. I was so horny right now. I moved my hands down her backside and slowly pushed her on the bed behind her.


1. Happy Birthday!

'Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Haley, happy birthday to you!'.  

I opened my eyes and the first thing I saw was my little brother who was sitting on my bed next to me. Now when I say 'little' I mean he is 10 which might not be that young to most of you but he is indeed very small for his age. He kind of looks like a 7 year-old. 'Morning Jake' I said and he gave me a huge hug. 'Happy Birthday honey' said my mom. She was kneeling in front of my bed with a birthday cake in one hand and a card in the other one. 'Thanks Mom' I smiled at her. 'Hales, blow out your candles! Come on, blow them out!' Jake screamed and jumped up and down. 'Alright, alright, calm down!' I said laughing and blew out all 18 candles at once. I closed my eyes and made my wish. It is the same wish for 10 years now. 'Okay sweety, this is your present from me. It's not much but--' 'Mom stop! You don't have to explain. You didn't have to get me anything!' I interrupted her. 'Okay come on Jake, lets go downstairs so Haley can get dressed.' said my mom while dragging my brother out of the room. I sat up in my bed and looked at the card. I didn't want my mom to get me something. We don't really have a lot of money. When I was 8 years old my dad left us without saying anything. He didn't even say where he was going. My mom was pregnant with my brother and my dad leaving broke her. She smoked and drank alcohol while she was pregnant. I guess that's the reason for Jake being so small. She didn't show up at work anymore which is why she lost her job and after that she just got lousy jobs like cleaning toilets or taking out other peoples dogs. I don't know how my dad is. Every year he sends me and my brother a birthday card but that's all. He never writes something personal about himself. Never. 

I opened the card and gasped as I saw the 100 pounds that were in it. I went into my bathroom to take a shower. I already knew what I wanted to wear today. I put on my high waisted denim shorts with a flower top and looked at my reflection in the mirror. I'm pretty skinny but I'm not that kind of girl who counts calories. In fact I eat a lot. And with that I mean that I'm always hungry and I'm constantly stuffing fast food in my mouth. I guess I'm just skinny because I do a lot of sport. I play football and tennis. Football is my passion. I love to play it and I also love to watch it. I have long brown curly hair which is dip dyed blond at the bottom. I put it in a high ponytail , applied some mascara and lip gloss and went downstairs. I walked into the kitchen, made myself a bowl of cornflakes and joined my brother on the couch. 'Watcha doin Jakie?' 'Watching the news channel now shush'. My brother may be small for his age but he is extremely smart. He already skipped to years and he still complains because he is bored. 'One Direction is here with us now. Hello boys how are you?' My head shot up to the television. I really like them. I wouldn't consider myself a hardcore Directioner but I have all their songs and I may have one or two posters hanging in my room. The interviewer asked the same old questions like 'Who is single' or 'Harry I've seen a picture of you with this girl'. I really don't get why everyone is so intrested in their love lifes. I mean they should have some kind of privacy. 'So you just finished your first tour! Whats coming next?' Now that was a good question. 'We will take a little brake to work on our second album!' said Liam while taking a sip of water. 'Well that sounds like we can expect some awesome new sounds from One Direction. That's all we have time for today. Thank you for the interview guys.' My brother turned off the tv and smiled at me. 'What?' I asked confused. 'It's your birthday' 'I know' I smiled at him. 'Jake, Haley I have to go to work. I'll be back at 5!' my mom said and left. 'So what do you wanna do?' I asked my brother. He had a huge smile plastered on his face. 'Can we please go swimming? Pretty pretty pleeaaaasseeee?' He was kneeling in front of me and had his hands folded. I laughed at him 'Okay go get changed and then we can go!'. I didn't even finish my sentence and my brother already ran to his room to change.


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