We're perfect together

(A Harry Styles fan fiction) Amanda has just moved to London at a age of 18. She's just a normal girl like everyone else. She has always lived in Denmark but after she finished school she moved.
And how cool is it to live in the same city as One Direction? Yes, she's a directioner.
But what will happen, when she found out, she has to work with Eleanor Calder, Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend?


3. Feelings

Oh god where are my heels? I'm in such a rush. Harry could be here any minute. Yes, Harry. We agreed yesterday that he would pick me up and then we followed to Eleanor's birthday. I am wearing a mint pink colored maxi dress with black shiny heels. My brown hair was down and curly. I took the final last look in the mirror and then I go out and wait for Harry. The weather is the typical London weather. I hear a sound from my purse. I got a text from Harry.

"From Harry: Hi Amanda. I'm at your place in about 2 minutes. Love H .xx" Good, I'm freezing.

"Hi Harry" I say. "Hello Amanda. You look beautiful." He says to me. Aw, he's so sweet. "Thank you Harry. You don't look so bad yourself." I reply. "Thanks babe." 

On the way to Eleanor's place wasn't as awkward as I had thought it would be. Harry is so sweet. We talked about tour, London, how's it's like to be famous, my life, his life. Everything. 

"Hi Amanda and Harry! I'm so glad you came!" Eleanor almost scream. "Louis and the other boys are upstairs Harry. I have to talk to Amanda alone." "Okay thanks. See you later Amanda." Harry winks at me. I smile back. What will Eleanor talk to me about? Hmm...

"Come here Amanda." Eleanor took me into a room. "What is it?" "Are you falling for Harry?" What? Why are she asking me that? "Um? I don't know? Why are you asking me?" "I can see it in your eyes. It's obvious." She giggles. "Eleanor stop it! You embarrassing me." I can feel my cheeks heat up. "Sorry Amanda, I just think it's cute. Now, c'mon." She's just so embarrassing. But what if I'm actually falling for Harry. I mean, I'd always had a crush on him, but it's not the same. That's like a fan, but this is more serious. I think I'm in love with Harry Styles. 

"There you are. I was looking for you." It's Harry. "Oh hey. Yeah I was just talking to Eleanor." "Everything's okay?" "Yeah of course. Everything's perfect." I smile at him. "Okay. You wanna dance?" "Yeah, why not?"

I think me and Harry danced all night. It was amazing. It's 3am now and I'm really tired. "Goodbye Eleanor. I have to go now, I'm really tired. Thank you for tonight it was really fun." "Thank you so much for coming Amanda. And thank you for the gift, I love it!" She hug me. "You're welcome." 

"Goodbye Harry. Thank you for tonight. It was really fun." "Wait. Are you going now? I'll drive you home." "You're sure?" "Yes of course." 

"Thank you so much for tonight Amanda. You're amazing." "Thank you Harry. See you soon?" "Yeah, I was wondering if you would like to go out and eat one day?" "Yes of course. When?" "Tomorrow night?" "Tomorrow's perfect." "Okay I'll pick you up at 7?" "Okay, see you tomorrow then." "See you. Thank you for tonight." He kiss me on the cheek. Oh no, I can feel my whole face is going to be red. "Goodnight Amanda. Sweet dreams." And with that I close the doors. 

I. am. in. love. with. Harry. Styles. 


Thank you so much for reading my fanfic. Sorry I didn't post yesterday but I was busy breaking the record AND WE BROKE IT WITH 12.3M VIEWS ASDFGHJKL. And 3 year anniversary. Can't believe it's already 3 years. 

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