Thats My Monster

Avril Rose, was an ordanary girl with and ordanary life. But what she didn't know was she was living in a world with things unlike her. Unlike anything anyone has seen before, it was only a fantasy. Until now, she finds these creatures that will change her life forever. And she worries that maybe she will become one of them, just takes one step. Will she make it out ALIVE? Or will she choose to live with the DEAD?
Find out in "Thats My Monster"


3. Chapter 3

Harry's POV

She looked at me with fear in her eyes, she squealed and backed away. What had I done! I made her scared of me. The boys took me away and started screaming at me. She had seen too much they thought, We need to take her away and tell her and her friends. WAIT WHAT?!?! I was not going to tell her! we just met her! I told them you can't bite her nor her friends or I will punish you each personally.We went back to the table and asked them to come over today, they agreed.After lunch we went to our next class, I had louis and liam in this class it was 2nd to last class.One of the girls from the table were in this class as well.Weird how we never got their names, but we will later today.

Perrie's POV

Avril met some really cute boys. I had a thing for the pretty boy with a quiff and dark brown sparkly eyes. I couldn't stop staring, I think he noticed. I think the other girls were starting to fight over them. I just giggled and rolled my eyes. The boy's invited us over after having a yelling contest at each other.We agreed and once lunch was over headed back to our other classes, so close to the end of the day. My next class I was with, Jade, Avril, and Leigh-Anne. This class was Chemistry and I knew, that Avril had a HUGE crush on Cole he walked into this class and since she sat next to me I nudged her arm and winked. She hated when I did that but, I couldn't help it! Thats the Perrie Edwards she knows and loves.

Leigh-Anne's POV

I was giggling during class with the boy next to me, Andrew. When the teacher yelled at us, the girls did their OOOO's and me and him both blushed. Then Avril's crush Cole came in, I saw of course, Perrie teasing Avril. She was some chick, but, we loved that crazy girl! When class was over we hung out in the halls for awhile we were talking about our crushes until they walked by, we waved and giggled.Once the bell rang we headed to our last classes. This class I had, Zayn,Jesy, and Harry Don't ask how I know their names, I just do. This class was Science and we had lab partners, I was sitting next to Leeroy, great he was my partner. He talked WAY to fast and he always danced in the middle of everything. The only work he does is count and dance, Lucky Jesy is partners with Marcel the smarty! He will do everything because people get in the way of his smarts.Harry got Zayn, LUCKY! he got his best friend!

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