Thats My Monster

Avril Rose, was an ordanary girl with and ordanary life. But what she didn't know was she was living in a world with things unlike her. Unlike anything anyone has seen before, it was only a fantasy. Until now, she finds these creatures that will change her life forever. And she worries that maybe she will become one of them, just takes one step. Will she make it out ALIVE? Or will she choose to live with the DEAD?
Find out in "Thats My Monster"


2. Chapter 2

Zayn's POV

Harry gave us the eye and that was it. She was now his 'one night stand' but I don't think she will tolorate his bad behaviour she looks stubborn. After class we went straight to lunch and she sat down with some pretty girls. I walked over and introduced myselfs with the boys of course.

"Hello ladies, Im zayn" I spoke confidently.

"Im Niall" he said cheerfully.

"Im Harry" he shyly explained.


"Liam" he said chuckling.

They smiled and looked at us confused. Some boys came by and spoke to us right in the girls faces.

"C'mon boys you cant be seen hanging out with..... THOSE... things" he spoke giving a disgusted look at them.

One ran out crying I punched his face and went to go get her. Harry beat me, of course and I just left them be no use. He can try but I bet you shes stubborn.

Harry's POV

I ran and beat zayn to the crying girl. I was mad at the boy, this was no longer a game to get her.. This was reality! Is this really what humans do everyday? Hurt everyone else to make themselves feel better? I know I seem like a heartless guy, but I really am! I have no heart... Im dead. But im still a nice guy, I may not have a heart but I still know how to act correctly, yes ive had 'one night stands' sadly. Im not really that jackass bad boy, just seems as though I am. I can't remember what humans are like but now I do. Cruel. HEARTLESS. awful. Mean. Creatures. And they say vampires are scary, they should video tape the way they treated this girl then watch it because its awful. What has this world come to?

Avril's POV

Tyler made me feel worthless. I couldn't help but cry, i didn't want the boys to see so I ran off. Apperently Harry noticed and came to calm me down. He cuddled me for a minute before bringing me to my feet.

"Now if you will excuse me I will go handle this boy" He spoke confidently.

"Hes not right in the head its not worth it Harry" But, he walked off anyway.

I couldn't wait to see his butt get kicked it would be funny, but I do like him so I tried to stop him. "Well well well... We have a scum bag and a ... Whats the word again? Oh yeah, FATASS!"He yelled.

"Back off man she didn't anything... You should be talking to me like that because of what im about to do" Harry said making it quiet for a moment and he was still.

Then out of know where he snapped his wrist and i screamed. I ran back to the girls table telling the boys and my friends the whole story. To be honest I was frightened of him, when he came back to the table I squealed and backed my seat away from him. The boys took him into another part of the lunch and started screaming at him, I felt kind of bad but he just snapped his wrist like a twig which ment he could easily snap mine. HES A BOY!! hes the strongest boy in school and his wrist snapped like that. Harry was the strongest now, maybe too strong. He was dangerous, I could tell.

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