Thats My Monster

Avril Rose, was an ordanary girl with and ordanary life. But what she didn't know was she was living in a world with things unlike her. Unlike anything anyone has seen before, it was only a fantasy. Until now, she finds these creatures that will change her life forever. And she worries that maybe she will become one of them, just takes one step. Will she make it out ALIVE? Or will she choose to live with the DEAD?
Find out in "Thats My Monster"


1. Chapter 1

Avril's POV

I woke up to my phones alarm clock, I noticed I WAS LATE FOR SCHOOL!!! I seriously didn't want to go back to that horrible high school, not today at least but, I had too. I got up took a shower,brushed my hair, did my make up, and slapped on some random clothes. I got outside and jumped in the car. I was so late I got my books and went to class.

"well, late again young lady" Mrs. Bell said.

"Sorry wont happen again"! I rushed.

"You said that last time Avril" she snapped " You missed the introduction of our new students, 3 are in this class"

"cool" I mumbled.

She sighed and said "Get out your journals! Write me a 20 page essay on the english language"! She snapped.

"Thanks for getting her in a bad mood, whore" A girl whispered to me.

I looked at her a bit shocked. Then shook it off usual Kaitlynn, popular bitch. I saw the new kids the 3 were guys... One had Curly brown hair and sparkling green eyes, another had blonde hair and ocean blue eyes, the last one had blackish brown hair in a quiff and handsome brown eyes.

Harry's POV

A beautiful girl came into the classroom and got in trouble for being late I couldn't stop stareing...

I tried to take a photo of her, but she kept moving her head and it was hard. I saw the other new boys giving her the eye, but I looked at them as if to say shes so mine. I don't think they trusted me, because they are use to me being the 'one night stand' but something about her makes her different from all the others.

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