No more secrets

Fearne Thompson moved to her Auntie Tina and cousin, Josh's house after the tragic loss of her parents. She starts a new high school and gets to know her cousin's friends. There is still someone lurking in the darkness. Someone who brings fear to Fearne's life and she realises she needs her new friends more than ever.


1. What happened that day

   Every day I think back to what happened on that day. The day that changed my life and haunted me ever since. All I remember was Mum and Dad got into the car and never came back. It was my fault. I shouldn't of screamed at them, hit them. I remember the very last thing they said to me, "Fearne, you're a child from hell!" Dad screamed and slammed the door. Mum had a bit more sympathy for me. She knew I had anger problems from a very young age and always supported me, unlike Dad who couldn't stand my problems. "Fearne, I'm so sorry. You have to learn to control you're anger. I'll sort Dads anger out first. Have some alone time while we go out and I'll tell Dad it's not your fault. You will have to be punished, though," mum said in her sweet, soft voice and closed the door. I trudged up to my room and turned my TV on. "I'm home alone! This is going to be fun!" I mumbled to myself. I watched everything on CBBC and started to get bored. Mum and Dad had been out for nearly an hour now. I switched channels until I stopped at the news. Mum and Dad were on TV. "Oh no! They haven't told the news about my anger problems have they?" I thought.

   I listened carefully to the news reader, "We have had reports that there has been a car accident on Hartford lane in Manchester. There has been two deaths, Mr and Mrs Thompson from round the area. As they were getting out of their car another driver crashed his car into theirs. From the witnesses point of views it didn't sound as if it was on purpose. Let's head over to the local correspondent, Mark Green."

My heart thudded. I glued my eyes to screen. Our car was in the background with giant dents in it. I pinched my arm to convince myself it was only a dream. No it wasn't. Minutes later I heard police sirens surrounding my house. I heard a familiar voice as well. It was my Auntie Tina shouting, "Fearne! Fearne! Are you in there?" I ran down the stairs, my eyes full of tears. I opened the door to find My Auntie, Cousin and two police officers, obviously here to tell me the news. One of them started to speak, "Good afternoon, Miss Thompson. I'm very sorry to say but-" 

"It's Ok. I already know, please come in," I blubbered and opened the door wider to let everyone in. Press were there also. I think they wanted to come in but I slammed the door in their faces. I found out I'd be staying with Auntie Tina and my cousin Josh. We had always got on well together and I would have never had lived with anyone else. I had to accept that my parents were never coming back to me.     



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