No more secrets

Fearne Thompson moved to her Auntie Tina and cousin, Josh's house after the tragic loss of her parents. She starts a new high school and gets to know her cousin's friends. There is still someone lurking in the darkness. Someone who brings fear to Fearne's life and she realises she needs her new friends more than ever.


2. Moving house

   After a while I came to accept what happened. Auntie Tina got a psychologist to come in and talk to me about my anger problems and how to stay positive after everything. Josh was also very helpful and never spent time playing out, he just stayed at home with me. Josh was who kept me going and told me, "Life's too short to be anything but happy."

   Tina and Josh stayed at my house for about a month until I was happy enough to move into theirs. My room was very easy to pack. I didn't have that much in there, just my memory box of when I was born, a few books and a family portrait. I was never the child to ask for stuff. I spent my pocket money on art resources like paint, card, brushes and stuff like that so in my wardrobe there was a lot of paintings. I kept them hidden away because I always thought art was geeky and I'd get mocked for being good at it. When Tina and Josh saw them, they were impressed. "I never knew you could draw like that, Fearne!" Josh said. Clearing out Mum and Dad's room was much harder. I put their clothes in bin bags and gave them to charity but I kept their wedding outfits. I kept all Mum's perfume and Dad's collection of wallets. Mum thought he was mad collecting them but I always brushed my fingers over the real leather and told Dad they were beautiful. "You can send them to a an antiques place when I'm all old and wrinkly and won't take a second glance at them!" he always joked. I cried thinking about him saying that now. No way would I send them to a  place like and antique shop.

   When I got to Tina's house in Liverpool I blocked out of my mind what happened in the past and was ready to start a new life. I had to make new friends, start a new school and a whole load of other stuff. Tina and Josh were willing to help me every step of the way  


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