The Styles Twins

Its Cece and her best friend Marias first day as sophmores in high school. Theyre both honors students along with a couple other kids. The Styles twins move into the town and have the same class with them; but theyre both seniors. Cece said she could never date a senior because most of them are snobby and just have one thing in mind when it comes to dating a girl. But what happens when Harry sees her? Will she fall for him or will his bad boy ways get in the way and ruin his chances with her?


1. Meet the characters :))

 Cece:  Cece (me) is stuck in the middle of two guys; her ex Colton and the new boy in town Harry. Colton was the reason I never wanted to date anyone to begin with, especially a senior which Harry is. Im a sophmore with my best friend Maria. Shes the one who normally fixes my broken heart when Colton cheated on me.!/photo.php?fbid=1392156374329390&set=t.100006051211942&type=3&theater as for the glasses I only wore them at school.

Maria:  Maria, my best friend whos basically always at my flat having sleep overs and is always the one to fix my broken heart. We were best friends since we were little.!/fernanda.arroliga/photos

Harry:  Harry, the schools new hearthrob along with his twin brother Edward. Him and his brother are the new kids in town and never though about falling for someone. He wanted Cece. But will her ex boyfriend Colton get in the way or will he be able to help her forget?!/profile.php?id=100003383628572

Edward:  Edward, new kid in school with his twin Harry. He normally never had to help his big brother with girls until he saw Cece.!/x.HarryStyles.xx

Colton:  Colton, Ceces ex. Hes cheated on her over and over again with the same girl. The last time it happened she stopped talking to him. But it didnt stop him from trying to get her back. Will he get her back or will she fall for Harry?!/colton.haynes.7777

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