This story also contains Fantasy and Action and Adventure. It's a story of a young girl who gets kidnapped by people with superpowers? What do they want from her? She's just a normal girl about to start high school... or is she?


1. Prologue (Chapter 1)

It was a normal day, in a normal world, with normal people. Wait, no, it wasn’t, because nothing is normal. 
          I woke up with the sound of my stupid alarm clock… again. 
          The alarm clock read 6:15 AM. I got up and walked over to my closet. What to wear… hmm… I look around the closet and finally decide on purple jeans and a red Paramore shirt. I walked downstairs to eat my usual breakfast: milk and cheerios. Yum. 
          “Harmony? What are you wearing?” I heard my mom ask.
          “Jeans and a shirt, you know, what most people wear” I answer
          “Exactly! And you are not most people! You’re my daughter! You should dress more nicely, like a skirt!” Gosh, my mom has this thing with clothes. She’s always trying to put me in a skirt and dress, but I don’t think she gets that I am not that type of girl! 
          “No thanks mom” I laugh 
          “Fine, but one of these days you will, and I will say I told you so” she smiles, “and by the way, are you exited? Today is you first day of high school!” 
          “Yeah, I am… wait… what time is it?” I ask her, but look at the clock and see its 6:45, “man! If I don’t hurry I’ll be late for the bus!” I get off of the chair, but accidently fall on the ground, “ow” I mumble. I get up fast to find my flip flops and so I run out the door. I take about five steps and realize I forgot my backpack. 
          “Good job Harmony” I whisper to myself. I run back inside to get my backpack and go back outside to the bus stop, but I get there a few minutes late. 
          “Great, now I need my mom to drive me to school” I sigh and start to walk back home, but I was grabbed by someone anonymously and I was abruptly pushed inside a car. I wanted to scream but I couldn’t because they taped my mouth and put a blindfold on. I started to make as much noise as I could, but someone suddenly hit me in the head with something heavy and I slowly started to feel dizzy… and then I blacked out.
          When I woke up I was in what seemed like someone’s house, and I was tied up in a chair. Great, first day of high school and I got kidnapped, I mean, what are the odds of that? 
          “Hello?!?” I finally screamed.
          I heard some footsteps and then I hear the door open.
          “Oh great, you’re awake” a boy that looked about my age said. He also had short brown hair with green eyes and he was wearing a grass green shirt with jeans.
          “Why am I tied up?” wow Harmony, you make some stupid questions!
          “Well, first of all, because you might escape, and second of all it’s because we need you to listen of what we’re going to say” he explains.
          “Wait a minute… we?” I ask
          “Yes, we as in Jonah, Jason, Brett, Jenna and me: Nick” Nick says.
          “What do you want from me?” I ask
          “I’ll tell you right after I get the rest of the people here!” he laughs.
          I can’t believe this! Today was my first day of high school and I got kidnapped by weirdoes.
          “Ok! Here we are!” Nick said while walking in with some other people, “this is Jonah” he pointed at the tallest guy with black hair and blue eyes, “this is Jason” he pointed at the Jamaican one that is slightly shorter then Jonah, but looks like he has been working out… a lot, “this is Brett” he pointed  at the average height blonde guy with brown eyes, “and this is Jenna” Nick pointed at the only girl in the group who had beautifully long curly blonde hair with brown eyes. Jenna and Brett looked a lot alike so I’m guessing they’re siblings.
          “Great! Nice to meet you all! Now can I go?” I ask annoyed.
          “Of course not silly!” Nick laughs.
          “She sounds fun” Jenna says in such a hard sarcastic voice.
          “I sound as fun as you sound nice” I smile and she makes a face.
          “Well we’re already getting along” Brett says
          “Are you sure it’s her though? She doesn’t look… important” Jonah says
          “Wow thanks! It’s nice to know my kidnappers don’t think I’m important!” I fake smile at them annoyed.
          “I think you’re right Jonah, I don’t think it’s her either” Jenna says
          “It’s her! I know ok? Just trust me!” Jason says.
          “Excuse me!!” I interrupt everyone, “but ‘she’ needs to know why you kidnapped ‘her’” 
          “Well why do you think we need you? You’re powers are much greater than ours and we need you on our team” Jason explains. 
          “Powers?!?!? What are you talking about?” I scream with confusion. Not only are my kidnappers annoying, but they are also psychos!! 
          “Watch” Jason says. 
          He quickly went to get something, and when he came back, he brought a lamp with him. He set the lamp on the floor and looked at it and then me and started smiling, and then the lamp abruptly went flying across the room. I just stared with my mouth open. That’s not possible! How is that possible? That is NOT possible!! 
          Then Jonah said: “she’s thinking: that’s not possible! How is that possible? That is NOT possible!” Is he reading my mind?!?!
          “Jason! That was my lamp!” Nick screamed and went to get it… wait a minute… he went to get it but he didn’t touch the floor! Was he flying?!? 
          “Shut up Nick! No one cares about your stupid lamp! Plus, you have like five more in your closet” Jenna said. I wonder what power she has.
          “She’s wondering what kind of power you have Jenna” Jonah says. I look at him with evil eyes. 
          “Ugh, fine.” She states and suddenly transforms into Jonah. She’s a shape shifter?! Wait a minute… where’s Brett? Is he invisible?!?
          “Ok, this is impossible!” I state
          “Impossible is just the word I’m in front of possible” Nick says.
          “Dude, she just got freaked out by us using our powers! You totally got the wrong person!” Jenna says annoyed.
          “No! It’s her! I know it!” Jason said.
          “I’m going to agree with Jenna on this one, I think you got the wrong person” I state.
          “It’s her; I’m one hundred percent sure about it!” Jason says. 
          “Let’s knock her out and see what she’ll do, that’s how I found out my power” Jonah says.
          “What? No!” I scream.
          “Already on it!” Brett laughs. 
          And so he hits me with a lamp and the world goes black… again.
          I woke up feeling super dizzy in a very comfortable bed.
          “She’s awake!” I heard someone say. 
          “Hey, are you ok?” this boy with brown hair and green eyes asks
          “Who are you?” I ask
          “Great, now you just completely erased her memory!!” Jonah says
          “What do you remember about yourself, what’s your name?” the same boy with green eyes asks me.
          “I… I don’t know… I can’t remember anything” I answer. Who were these people?
          “You’re name is Mon, you’re Jonah’s cousin” a different guy says and point at Jonah, “and you just fainted right before telling us what power you have. Like I have telekinesis, Jonah can read minds, Nick over there can fly, and Jenna can shape shift, and my name is Jason by the way” Jason explains.
          “Oh, ok” I say. Wait… did they say powers?
          “And you also were talking to us about changing your hair color, you were saying from going to a blonde to a brunette” Jason also says.
          “And don’t forget that we have a special job! We steal things to give to very important people so they can pay us, so we can get our food” Nick says. Steal?
          Suddenly I felt really cold and started to put the blanket over me, but the blanket froze when I touched it, it turned to glass. 
          “Freezing is my power?” I look at them and they also had their mouth open for some reason.
          Then Jason answers me with an answer I really wasn’t expecting: “Ah no… you get a different power every day…”

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