New City, New Life

So Allyson is a girl who just moved to a new city. She's depressed that she had to move. Her mom made her sign up for cheerleading even though she was more of the sporty type. They disagreed but Ally ended up becoming captain and having a great time. Of course she had struggles with the team. Well, just one teammate... ASHLEY. She was the runner-up but lost. As captain, her popularity grew greatly. And well maybe even met prince charming.....! But oh no!!!!!! "Mom, this is terrible. Oh no!", Ally screams.


1. Introduction of MY life ruining


 So today, my mom said she's got a big surprise for me. I can't wait. Maybe, my aunt Leah is coming back down. Cuz, last night I overheard them saying I'd be so surprised when she told me. When I got in the car we had passed by our house and in front of it was a big truck. I just know it's aunt Leah. We went to the airport to buy tickets. And I thought for aunt Leah but we bought two for L.A.. and aunt Leah lives in Louisiana. I'm a bit confused now. When headed back to the car, I asked " What are the tickets for?'' ''I'll tell you at dinner'', she said.  It must be big news since we went to eat at CHEDDAR'S. We got a table and ate. After desert she started talking, ''Sweetie the tickets are for us. We're moving.'' A silence grew and stayed for the rest of the night at the restaurant. As soon as we were in the car, I lost it. ''What! No this isn't reality. Where are the bloopers' cameras. How, why, when , pinch me cuz I got to be dreaming. So, I guess the truck is for our stuff. And you decide to tell the night before. You know, I actually fit in here'' Mom didn't say one word. How could she do this. Like I don't understand. Jesus please help me.

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