life in the BSIS

Louise is running. she has been for a long time. But when a squad of highly trained mysterious operatives arrive on her doorstep,her running days are over- but that doesn't make life any less interesting.


1. the nightmare

The sea has always been my favourite place. The fact that simply water can be powerful enough to devastate countries, cause worldwide scares and still be relied upon for so much fascinates me. It’s calm today, but with so much power lurking just under the surface; bubbling, churning, waiting to be released. Even when it is, even when the wind howls, the window panes shake and waves taller than mountains batter the shore, I’ve never been scared of it. Storms excite me, high tide just another way to see the landscape- the very opposite of my sister: Abi. Scared of just about anything: blood, spiders, mice, a twig snapping, you name it. She doesn’t mind the sea, mostly, but she’s out at the first sign of trouble- and by trouble I mean the tide coming in an inch or so, a dark shadow under the water, that sort of thing. Sometimes I hear her in the night. Waking from nightmares mostly, she has a lot of them. So do I, recently anyway.

Mums yelling up the stairs saying I should get to bed, so I burrow up in my covers. I didn’t think I was this tired, but am instantly overwhelmed with exhaustion. It’s been a long day.

Oh no I think, he’s found me. He’s coming straight at me, rocking side to side as he walks, with all the grace of a of large ham. I pretend I haven’t seen him. Bad idea. He’s started shouting now. Telling me to man up, “You’re a wimp, Louise!” he shouts . I start to run, but it’s like the air’s tuned into jelly. I can’t move. I can’t breathe. Everything is swaying around me, and he’s towering above me, laughing. I can hear my heart pounding in my ears, only one comprehensible thought in my head: why me?

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