Cooking class with a Vampire

I used to hate cooking class and being in a mortal school. Until I met my mate.


1. Cooking Class

I walked into the cooking class and sighed. 
Just another long boring lesson on the history of cooking with Mrs. Frazier, I thought. 
I looked around the class room and saw a tall hot blonde guy with bright blue eyes in a nice suit sitting in Mrs. Frazier's seat. 
His blonde hair was in a quiff. I rolled my eyes and took my seat in the back of the class. All the girls were goo goo ga ga over him already. 
"hi everyone. I'm Niall Horan but you can call me Mr. Horan. I will be your official cooking class teacher from now on." His voice held an accent. 
Australian? No. British? No. Scottish? No. Irish? Maybe. 
"I'm gonna start role now," he cleared his throat and began reading from a list, "Anna Johnson." 
"here." Anna Johnson is a slut. Sorry for my colorful language but she is. She tries to get in every guys pants. Even the hot male teachers. Anna was tan and had bottle blonde hair with these brownish eyes that resembled mud. She had a huge butt and boobs to match. Her voice, laugh, walk, actually her in general was annoying. 
"Amelia Henderson." I slowly raised my hand into the air. "Here." Yep. I'm Amelia Henderson but people call me Amy. I have long red hair with emerald green eyes and a thin tan body. I have medium boobs and a bubble butt. I've been called hot but I don't think I am.
Anna looked over her shoulder at me and gave me a nasty look. 
How I wanted to rip her bottle blonde hair out and shove it up that butt everyone talks about. 
I'm 18 and I'm a senior (Thank God) this year. I have an easy life. I have straight A's, my parents are together and happily married, I'm an only child, and my parents are wealthy. There's just one thing that's not easy about me: I'm a vampire. 
Yes, a vampire. 
My mother and father are also vampires. I wasn't changed. I was born a vampire. 
"Miss Henderson, you can come get your recipe now." I snapped out of my thoughts and went to get my recipe off the teacher's desk. When I passed by Niall I smelt something familiar. 
My cooking teacher couldn't be a vampire...could he? 
Niall leaned down and whispered in my ear, "There's things in this world, Amelia, that you just won't understand." 

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