The walls kept tumbling down...

A short story based on the song 'Pompeii' By Bastille.


1. The walls kept tumbling down...

My life has suddenly become like a ticking time bomb. I could go off at any moment and I’m just passing mindlessly through like a misguided ghost waiting for the explosion.

            They lied when they told me nothing would change. For most it was losing their hair, and at the time image was my God, but for me it was becoming lonely. My friends all left and it was like all my walls had come tumbling down and I was defenceless; they thought I was contagious, like a rabid dog they couldn’t stand the sight of. I was ripped from that popular city where no-one dared to enter unless invited, and no-one frowned, or had one hair out of place there.  Sometimes when I’m all alone I think about it, I just close my eyes and drift back into their inner circle. The cancer goes away, the pain goes away and it feels like nothing’s changed at all, they invite me with open arms and I laugh again but no sound ever comes out. But I’m lying to myself, for I know when I open my eyes I’m back in the prison my life’s become.

            Stay positive, they told me. The ominous thought of death looming but I was told to be an optimist about it. How? I asked them and they just smiled at me, it wasn’t a smile full of pity like I normally get, but one of no emotion. I knew then I was on my own in this and that’s when the days started to just roll past, and time passed me by whilst I sprinted to keep up with it. Sometimes I feel like I’m a calendar just crossing off dates until I reach the deadline, literally for me.

            It hurt my Dad most, for him it must be like re-watching a terrible film and already knowing the ending. I can tell when he looks at me he only see’s mum and her smile and how she faded away to nothing in the end. In my head I was already nothing. I’d given up so to speak: I no longer smiled, or spoke, or even looked people in the eye because when I did I just saw me. I was once a beautiful girl with everything and now it was like I’d been burnt away to nothing but faded hope and old memories never to be resurfaced. I was going to stay like this forever, frozen as a faded, dead being.   

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