The Sun and the Sea

This is a poem about the relationship the sun and sea have.


1. The Sun and the Sea

The sun wears his golden coat,

And the sea her cloak of blue.

They’re old and tired lovers,

Who say silently ‘I love you’


They only meet twice a day,

At sunrise and sunset.

But at that time they share a kiss,

A kiss that cannot be kept.


At night and in the day,

The sun and sea must part.

But still the sun’s rays shine,

On the sea’s two sided heart.


Though they are together,

A couple beyond compare.

Nighttime’s another story

Because the sea, she has an affair.


In the dark the moon shines brightly,

And the sea, she has no choice.

They kiss as the moon goes down,

And they silently rejoice.


The sun unfortunately knows

What happens when asleep.

Still he stays devoted

To the sea. He cannot weep.


So this is the tale,

Of the sea and the sun.

The lovers who stay loyal.

And will till the world is done. 

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