Isn't She Lovely

Okay so this is the sequel to Let Me Love You! Its about Michaela and Harry's wedding! Go through the journey, with both the groom and the bride, of planning their perfect day!


3. Welcome Back Everyone!

~Zayn's POV~ 


    Me and Makayla were just sitting in our room listening to music when things started to get heated. I used to be shy, guess I can't say that anymore. Well, maybe a little, but when me and her are alone.... And it starts. 

    It gets quiet, we're looking into each others eyes smiling. We both move in for kiss, lips still touching. Do I keep going? Does she want me to stop? So I just wait for a second, BAM! Okay, she didn't want me to stop, I'm on top of her now. I don't know what to do, what if I do something to make her feel uncomfortable? 

    She pulls me closer, okay no worries about that anymore! I kiss her neck, she says my name. In general I love it when she says my name. It could be just to get my attention, I love her voice. Now she's on top, okay. She thinks she has me trapped. Ha, nah! But do I really want to escape? Uh, no! We're close together, close enough nothing can come between us. She's running her fingers through my hair, it drives me insane. Damn it, she stopped. Nope, wait, we're still kissing.

    We'd been grinding since the beginning, but now she was tugging my shirt over my shoulders, so I pulled it over my head throwing it to the side. She pushed me back down, staring into my eyes, sliding her hands up and down my abdomen. She slowly traced my collar bone with her fingertips. All the while keeping her fierce stare. I tried to sit back up to kiss her again, but she was quick to push me back down. Shaking her head giggling. Then she went down to where her lips were just above mine.

    "Well isn't someone a bit excited?" She barely whispered this, but it was loud enough to hear the sexy tone in her voice. She moved to my neck leaving one kiss, and then slid down to my chest. She kissed all the way down to my pants line. I could feel her working at my belt, and then the button and zipper as she left love bites. She started to tug at my pants when I decided it was my turn to take control.

    I flipped her over to her back, tore off her shirt and un-clasped her bra. She tried to sit up but failed. I felt her legs wrap around me as I kissed her neck. I made sure to leave my mark. Nipping at the soft skin, feeling her shiver when my tongue glided over it. She moaned and pulled me closer to her. I responded my picking her up off the bed, standing up and pushing her against the wall. Grinding our hips harder than ever before, feeling her tug at my hair, and gasp my name. I unbuttoned her pants and pulled them down her legs, letting her stand to kick them off. I was quick to let my own fall to the floor as well. I picked her back up and moved back to the bed setting her down gently, only to be pulled down and flipped over. 

    "Nope, I'm in control this time!" This coming as a yell from Makayla. Haha, she thought she really could be in control, nope. All throughout the morning we battled over who was in control, until she gave in once things actually started to happened. Right before she almost reach the edge the door opened and slammed close. 

    "MAKAYLA!!! I'm eating your food!! And you have 2 hours to get ready and go help Mic with the flowers!! SO STOP FUCKING AND GET DOWN HERE!!!" Obviously this was Gillian's voice. If Gillian was here, Niall wasn't far behind. "You have until I find the Oreos to get dressed before I come into that room!" The door opened again and Niall shouted that he wanted the Oreos. I stood up and could only laugh. Me and Makayla rushed to get dress knowing Gillian had a mental map of our kitchen. Just as Makayla slid her shirt on Gillian burst through the door, Niall at her side munching on Oreos. "Just in time I see." Gillian smirked with a wink towards Makayla. 

   "Oh you know you love seeing me exposed babe!" Makayla smirked right back. Pft, lesbian lovers alright.

    "Hey now! That's classified!" I was punched by Makayla and getting a playful glare.
    "Oops, said that aloud didn't I?" The silent death stare answered it all. "Oh hush up and give your best friend a hug so you can get ready to go with Micki and freak out about the wedding." She kissed my cheek, ran into Gil and the girls went off to the downstairs bathroom. Niall came in turning on the TV making himself at home. "So ready to go tux shopping with Harry tomorrow?" 

    "Yeah I am! What'd he say? White tuxedos?" I almost dreaded the thought of wearing a white tuxedo.

    "Yeah, with bow ties and the boutonniere being whatever the girls pick. I believe that's what they're doing today, picking out all the flower arrangements." Niall was more into the oreos than the wedding information. I had to laugh, earning a quizzical look from my blonde friend.




~Makayla's POV~


    Me and Gillian had just arrived at Poppy Floral when Mic came running out of the door with Macy behind her. Gil hopped out of the passenger side door when she was encased in a hug, I ran over and quickly joined. 

    "Soooooo I have found the perfect flowers already. I just need you two to help make the bouquets and centerpieces! Come on, come on!" Micki runs back inside and we look at Macy with a look of holy-shit-shes-hyper. Inside there's an abundance of bright orange, bloomed and un-bloomed, tiger lilies. Along with a few small calla lilies, white carnations, and small poppy's. Just as we take a seat Mic also adds some white forget-me-not's and leaves for fillers. There are small glass vases for the centerpieces and three colors of silk ribbon-orange, brown, and white. I get an idea for the bridesmaid's bouquets immediately. 

    I grab 3 tiger lilies, 2 poppy's and put them together. Then I get up and go to the dried out section of Macy's store and grab a few pieces of swirled, dried out grass. Then I wrap them in straw, dab some hot glue and I'm done! "Voila! Bridesmaid's bouquet!" I set it down and look to Mic, then Macy for approval. Macy is giving a radiant smile and Mic is staring with her mouth as an 'o' hands clenched tight. 

    "Makayla that's perfect! Let me go get more straw and swirly grass thingys!" I giggle at her name for the dried grass swirls. "So there 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6...... yeah six bridesmaid's bouquets we need! Maid and Matron of honor, 3 bridesmaids, the Jr. bridesmaid." She looks at me and Gillian when she returns and stops.

    "Whats the difference between the Maid and Matron of honor?" I ask, I couldn't exactly remember.

    "Maid is unmarried, matron is married. So Sally is going to be my matron of honor...." she stops and then looks at me. What's that smile for? "Gillian, McKayla, and Holly are my bridesmaids. Lily is my Jr. bridesmaid, and since April will be walking by the time the wedding comes she'll be my flower girl!" Okay so that's six, well five since the flower girl doesn't get a bouquet..... so whats missing? Oh! Who's the- "And then Makayla, I was hoping you'd be my Maid of honor?" I stared wide-eyed. 

    "Yes! Of course Micki!! Thank you so much!" I jump up and run to give her a hug as we're all squealing and giggling until Macy tells us to calm down and shut our yaps. We sit down as Macy shows us her idea for the bride's bouquet.

     Seven or eight bloomed tiger lilies, and 3 un-bloomed. She goes behind her desk and pulls out dried leaves and petals that are brown-ish orange and arranges them so they fill the holes, then wraps the stems in the brown ribbon and dabs super glue to finish. At last minute she has an idea and again goes behind her desk comes back with a small silver rectangle and glues it to the ribbon making it look like a belt buckle almost. I gasp and Gil "ooooh's" and Mic claps her hands giggling as she nods her head furiously, letting Macy know she approves. Gillian and Macy continue to make the bridesmaids bouquets, while me and Mic try to figure out the centerpieces. So far we have the green leaves along the bottom, and a bunch of tiger lilies everywhere. Then I grab a few white carnations and put 4 on the bottom area then 3 towards the top. Mic then jumps and puts calla lilies anywhere there's a huge gap, and at once me and her have the same idea of adding the forget-me-not's everywhere else. 

    "It's missing something.." she thinks then adds a brown ribbon on the stems to hold them together. "That's better but still not finished..." I nod my head in agreement.

    "Well lets put it in the vase and see what we can do." So we set the bouquet in the vase and I think and think but just can't come up with anything. "WAIT! I got it! Macy! Do you have any moss?"  She nods and stands up to get some, I take out the flowers and set it along the bottom pressing it so its like a blanket. Then I take an orange petal and tear it to shreds and sprinkle it on the moss. I insert the flowers and grab some brown ribbon and tie it along the top of the vase so its hidden. I ties a bow and make sure the ends are the only visible part of the ribbon. "There! So much better!" 

    "Makayla I swear, you can cook, you can sing, and you're amazing at making flower arrangements! You're the perfect person to help with a wedding! I should seriously hire you!" I laugh and shake my head.


    "Between owning a bakery, and now having my singing career take off, I wouldn't have the time!" Gillian finishes the last bouquet and Macy easily picks out a cute woven basket and fills it with petals of brown, orange, and white accompanied by some leaves. Micki hands her a debit card and thanks her for keeping everything here until the wedding. 


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