Isn't She Lovely

Okay so this is the sequel to Let Me Love You! Its about Michaela and Harry's wedding! Go through the journey, with both the groom and the bride, of planning their perfect day!


8. The Week Of

  ~Liam's POV~

    It's the last week of June, but also the first week of July. In other words, I only have 6 days until my wedding. Today we were packing up and heading to America. Me and Dani decided that Orlando, Florida would be a wonderful place, but that it would also be very crowded. Makayla suggested Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. A small, yet busy town with beautiful buildings and landscape all over. It was also apparently a huge city in the American Civil War. I know, I probably should know this, but I'm not a history or geography kind of person. I took a look with Danielle and we both loved it. We arranged for the wedding to be in one of the churches, and have then have the party at a near by club. 

     "Lili! Are you almost done? We have an hour until the plane leaves and we still have to get through security!" 

     "Yeah! I'm coming!" I pick up my suitcase and my bag and head down the steps to the door and into the car with Dani. "Hello there beautiful." I reach over and kissed her, then started the car hand in hers. 

   "Hello sweet heart. Everyone's already at the airport, and waiting on us. Don't worry about breakfast, Makayla and Harry brought some of their famous breakfast muffins with them." She smiles at the thought. I knew she was hungry, and that her favorite breakfast was those muffins. Okay, time to be evil.

    "Oh, the muffins? You mean the soft, and moist ones? I wonder what kind they brought." She's staring wide eyed out the window. Ha, gotcha. "Maybe chocolate? Or even cinnamon, maybe cinnamon raisin? Oh, or my personal favorite, blueberry?" And her mouth is watering. "What's the ones you like? Bread crumbs... banana.... Oh! Coffee Cake Muffins?" She's glaring at me now, catching on to my joke. I wink at her, catching her off guard and earning a slap on the chest. "Owwww, careful, I bruise easily." I fake a wince and pout. She giggles then rests her head on my shoulder. I love her laugh, its so adorable. 

   Within 15 minutes we're at the airport, car parked across the street for 3 weeks. Luckily, not too many people were at the airport, and we got through security in no time. Soon I could hear our friends calling us over to the waiting area. 

   "LIAM! DANI! LEEEEYUUUUM!!" Leave it to Niall to shout across the airport at us. "WE GOT MUFFINS!" We walk over laughing. "Two blueberry for you baby" He says sarcastically to me, winking. "And for my man stealer, two coffee cakes." He fake glares at her, then laughs and gives her his famous Horan hug.  

    "Flight 23 to Gettysburg Regional Airport now boarding." Thats us. We all get up and walk to the gate. "Hello how are you all today?" The flight attendant asks. 

   "Very well, having a wedding on Saturday." I say extremely proud, pulling Danielle closer to me.

   "Well congratulations! Enjoy your flight." She smiles sincerely and we all board. I feel a tug on my leg and look to find Lily and Jackson. 
   "Uncwe Leeyum? Can we sit with you?" Jackson is so cute. I pick him up and walk to our seats holding Lily's hand.

    "You have to sit with mommy and daddy first. Then once we're up in the air you can come sit with Uncle Liam and Aunt Dani, okay?" 

    "Yay! Tank wou!" He hugs me tight around the neck and kisses my cheek; Lily hugs my leg. I set them in their seats by the window with Louis and Eleanor, then take my seat next to Dani. Makayla and Zayn sit behind us, Harry and Mic in front of us, and Niall sits with baby April next to us. He was such a proud uncle. A voice comes over the speaker then.

    "Hello and welcome to Dreams Fly High. Thank you for choosing this as your airline and we hope you enjoy the flight. Throughout the journey we'll point out certain landmarks we pass, as well as any islands we pass over in the Atlantic Ocean. Please buckle your seat belts until we are level in the air. Snacks and drinks will be brought around periodically." The engines start and the plane lurches forward, we begin to move along the track. I hear Zayn behind us comforting Makayla. She really hated the take off and the landing of the plane. I looked back and gave her a reassuring smile, and squeezed her hand. Louis did the same, worrying just as bad as she was. Those two were inseparable siblings, it really was a wonderful sight. 

    The plane shifts up and Dani takes me hand. She wasn't as scared as Makayla, but she was still uneasy. I kiss her forehead, she lays her head on my shoulder and slowly falls asleep. Once the plane is level, Jack comes over and sits in my lap playing on his daddy's IPad. Lily sits in Dani's and practices reading her favorite book. Soon I fall asleep as well. 

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