Isn't She Lovely

Okay so this is the sequel to Let Me Love You! Its about Michaela and Harry's wedding! Go through the journey, with both the groom and the bride, of planning their perfect day!


4. Take You to Another World

~Harry's POV~
    "White tuxedos? Right this way, sir. Are we going to be fitting today?"
    "Uh, yes. Just us five. Thanks." I answered.
    "So what kind of event are they for?" The shop assistant absent mindlessly picked out different suits.
    "Um, my wedding…next June. The sixteenth." I smile proudly.
    "Well congratulations! Suit ties, or bow ties?"
    "Bow ties. It's an outdoors wedding…" I was so shy. I'd never had to buy a suit on my own. Lou always bought them, or I borrowed my step fathers.
    "Okay. So step right up here and I'll get everyone's measurements."
    We all took our turns on the pedestal. Me then Niall, followed by Louis, Zayn, and Liam. She the. Handed us all a different tux and ushered us into the changing booths. Immediately, I eliminate the suits Niall and Liam were wearing, which were completely head-to-toe white. Then after talking about which the boys liked, Louis' and my suits were discarded. Leaving the one Zayn wore as the winner.
    White shirt with hidden buttons. Black bow tie and pants. White waist coat with black trimming for the chest folds and pockets. There was a single black button for the coat, and three on each cuff. The brunette assistant wrote down our order and confirmed it. We would come back in a month or so to make adjustments once all the suits are in.
     "Make sure you call a week in advance to make an appointment!" I thanked her and we headed out.
    "Harry, where are we having lunch?" Niall whined while texting, I assumed Gillian.
    "Well where do yo-" I was cut off.
    "Haha, okay buddy. That okay with every-"
    "YES, THEY WANT TO GO!" We all gave worried glances toward Niall then burst into laughter. "I get a free meal… my tenth visit!" He explains.
    "But Niall, you just had a free meal last week!" Liam asked shocked. Niall only shrugged as we climbed into our cars. Lunch at Nandos was quite refreshing, actually. Just a guys day out, can't remember our last one!
~Gillian's POV~
    Today was Thursday, and therefore, date night. Niall had made sure I had no idea what was happening tonight. I chose to where my favorite jeans and a light material yellow shirt over a cami, with my new teal blue wedges. I was finishing my make-up when Niall walked into the bathroom.
    "Holy shit Niall! I didn't even hear you come in! 'Bout gave me a heart attack!" I shout.
    "Ow!" He grins all cheeky.  And ow! You're giving me a heart attack! I punch his arm causing him to go against the wall holding it. "Huh, the light. I see a light. Huuu-! Yeah, babe I Iove you but have no muscle compared to these." He showed his delectable biceps. I could only roll my eyes and giggle. "Meet you in the car?" I nod and he kisses my cheek before leaving. I check my make-up and not approvingly. Then I go into he living room and grab a dog bone to give to my golden retriever Charlie.      "Here you go buddy. Mommy will be back later. Love you!" My old companion gives me a lick on the nose and I'm out the door.     ----------------------------       About 30 minutes into the ride, I look to Niall. "So where are we going?"     "An observatory." He smiles knowingly.     "Ha-ha. Really, where?"     "An observatory diner. Better?" I can't help but laugh.     "Fine, Niall. Don't tell me." I turn up the radio and continue to sing.   ----------------------------       A brick and steel built building stand in front of me. 'Planetary Dinner' is across the front, above the door. Three stories, and a huge telescope on top. Blue, dark tinted glass domes over the roof.     "You should listen to me more often, babe." Niall winks, I stare. Dumb founded, amazed, and curios. Am I dreaming? Could such a place exist? It must, and it does. Niall holds out his arm, and I snap back to reality. I take his offered arm and we walk in.     Inside is red cherry walls, a dark star patterned carpet, and white ceiling. The carpet is of real stars, not the shape. It looks of stardust everywhere.     "Reservation for Horan, party of two." The waiter nods and leads us to a stair case on the right, up to the third floor. I gasp as I take in the sight before me.     The floor is beautiful, smooth, pebble, mosaic. Chairs in cherry wood, with scarlet cushion. Table in matching scarlet covers. In the left corner is a stone stage with a small orchestra playing softly. Walls of white about 4 feet up, then the glass dome takes over. In the middle of the room is the telescope. The glass has projected start everywhere. So it's a night sky at 7:30 pm.      We're seated in front of the orchestra and I continue gazing around me. A slim, adorable raven headed waiter takes our drink order, two glasses of the specialty red wine. To my right I see an employee at a board, surrounded by kids and a few adults. The board has a picture similar to the dome projection. He takes a pen... pointer, light, thing... and traces a constellation. Above each star lights up, a line connecting them, showing Cygnus. The bow and arrow. The children giggle with excitement, while I'm in awe.      The man taps on a star, and the dome sky zooms in, the telescope shifts, and Mars appears above. A calm, soothing, woman's voice comes over the speaker. Telling all about the red dust planet.
    "Niall, this amazing. How'd you find this place? How are you affording it?" I ask still watching the dome sky. He takes my hand in his and smiles.     "Harry found it actually. In the paper."     Me and Niall ordered and ate in awe struck silence. I ordered the salmon filet, absolutely delicious! Niall ordered BBQ pork chops. The man, who was with the children, is now on stage announcing that the stars are out. Someone pushes a button, and suddenly, the dome comes apart and slides into the walls, like a car window. Beautiful, real stars shine bright, a crescent moon shines in the East.     While eating my dessert, a raspberry cheese cake, there's still 10 ft of glass on each wall. Projected on them is a bunch of boxes full of info and picture about the stars, the moon, planets, the sun, and constellations. Every now and then the woman comes over the speaker again. Niall pays for out meal but we stay seated.     "You okay?" I ask him, wondering.     "I'm beyond happy you like it. And its not over yet!" He nods to the stage where again the man stands.      "Ladies, gentleman, boy and girls! Are you ready for tonight's show? Keep a close eye on the sky. Tonight, is a meteor shower!" He smiles proudly, and just as he leaves, a shooting star whizzes by. The orchestra plays a happy, mysterious melody. Another star. And another! All over the sky, stars are showering down. I gasp at the beauty.     "Niall, did you- did you know?" I whisper, squeezing his hand, and feel tears sting my eye. He nods as he comes around the table, hugging me from behind. He nuzzles his head into my neck, leaving a sweet, tender kiss. "It's beautiful, Niall. Absolutely amazing. Thank you so much baby." I turn and kiss him on the lips.     "A beautiful sky, over a beautiful restaurant, for a beautiful girl. My beautiful girl."
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