Isn't She Lovely

Okay so this is the sequel to Let Me Love You! Its about Michaela and Harry's wedding! Go through the journey, with both the groom and the bride, of planning their perfect day!


7. Dress, Dresses, Dressed

~Gillian's POV~

    June 16th, Mic's birthday. We're at a store, surrounded by a rainbow of dresses. All bridesmaids' dresses. For Danielle's wedding the dresses were short and strapless. The top was a lace overlay, the skirt was teal ruffles over a silk covering. To separate the top and bottom is a black, silk, sash. 
    Right now, for Micki's, we're in orange, for Makayla yellow, Marilyn Monroe style dresses. 
    "Very cute. I love the style. But, they're kinda vintage..." I say.
    "What about these? MoH is brown, shorter and strapless! Others are orange, full length, and over the shoulder!" Oh, El. So enthusiastic.  Mic get's up immediately with an idea and runs off somewhere in the store. She's back with similar dresses and throws them at us. 
    "Bridesmaid's are orange, MoH is brown! All knee length, and over the shoulder. With a flower connecting strap to dress. I saw these when looking for Dani's stuff. Now that its my turn, try them on!" We all laugh and head to the changing room.
    "Mic, these are a definite yes. They have to be. They're so cute and pretty! Yet still kinda simple. And I love that they're silk." Oh yes, Makayla the silk lover. She is in love with it. When she was little she stole her grandmother's silk robe and still has it in a box to this day. Anything silky, she loves. 
    "I agree, and they're not too expensive either!" Mic said, Dani interjected though.
    "No! Don't you dare worry about the price! I'm paying for these. Thats my wedding gift to you, all the bridesmaid's dresses.... and one other part of today's surprise." I lead the girls back to the changing rooms and got back into our clothes. We walked over to another section of the store into the wedding dresses. Mic was already tearing up. 

~Mic's POV~ 

    I knew right away what Danielle meant. My thoughts were confirmed when we walked towards the wedding dresses.  Dani was gonna help me find my dress. "Dani, you didnt have-"
    "I know, but I wanted to. I was gonna pay for it too, but Harry wouldn't let me." I ran over and hugged her crying. I looked at a rack that was picked out for me. 5 dresses to try on already picked out. All of them beautiful. Some even had camo on them in the most perfect way! I went and try on the first two, but discarded them because they were too plain. The third was just not me at all, even though it was beautiful. Then the fourth one. 
    It was strapless, and full length. Had multiple different layers , first being silk, the rest being see through. The top had a shredded look to it in an elegant way. It was an off-white, loose, gown with a short train. I walked out with my favorite cowgirl boots on. I don't care what anyone said, I was wearing these boots. They matched my skin tone perfectly. One look at my girls, and I knew it was the one. I look in the mirror and instead of seeing my usual self-conscious being, I see a goddess. Someone comes up behind me and places a tiara with a veil attached on my head.

    I freeze in my tracks, and more tears start coming to my eyes. Not because of the dress, or the tiara, or the veil. Not because of my friends being their with me... But because my mother, not my adoptive mother, but my birth mother was standing behind me also in tears. Makayla had called her, I knew by the look on her face, and told her everything. After years of not talking, after her disappearance from my life, and she was here. I didn't even question her, I wasn't even mad. How could I be? She's my mommy, and she's here to see me in my wedding dress, on my birthday. I turned around and gave her the biggest hug I could before my knee's gave out. We fell to the floor in tears, a mother and daughter reunited. 

    "Happy birthday, and congratulations my beautiful baby girl. I've miss you so much."
     "Thank you mommy, I've missed you too. I love you so much."
   "I love you too sweet heart, always have and always will."

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