Isn't She Lovely

Okay so this is the sequel to Let Me Love You! Its about Michaela and Harry's wedding! Go through the journey, with both the groom and the bride, of planning their perfect day!


6. Cake Boss

~Dani's POV~

    I waited a week to tell anyone. I got the girls together  and immediately started planning. Black and a vibrant teal were on my color scheme. Invites, flowers, and party favors have been decided already. We were looking at cakes and food now. 
    "Okay, I definitely want the salmon. Then the vegetable stir fry. Should I have pork chops too, or no?" They think, then shake their heads no. "But the cotton candy cocktails are a must have!" We giggle and I write down the choice. "Okay girls I have three cake designs picked out. So you all have 30 minutes until we leave for taste testing! Go get ready."
    "Yay!! Semi-formal? or casual?" El calls.
    "Probably semi-formal. To look the part." Micki laughs. Gillian calls back.
    "No, we aren't going out. Just eating cake. We can dress casual." I roll my eyes and look to Makayla. 
    "Wear your best jeans and cutest top! Flats or sneakers. 25 minutes, go!" There. Now they'll hush. Makayla leaps up to get dressed. We were at Mic's cabin for the weekend. I have 2 months 'till my wedding. A year 'till Mic and Harry's. 
    As a surprise for Mic's birthday, I'm taking her dress shopping next month. Harry insisted the wedding be on her birthday. So for this year's, I'm hoping to have her find the perfect dress. I'm starting out with helping her with bridesmaid's dresses, then after lunch I'll surprise her. 
    --------------     -----------      ------------
    Forty minutes later, we arrive at Makayla and Harry's bakery.
    "So, this is a spice cake. We could also make it have a filling of your choice." Cake number one had a black, intricate, vine design over a white background. Three layers, at the base of each one is a frosting ribbon of teal. 
    "This is red velvet, with the classic Crisco filling. The last one is a chocolate cake with peanut butter filling.  The filling in number three can be changed, or if wanted, removed." Cake two was another 3-layer cake with a white background. It had all different flowers of white, teal, and black. Solid and blended patterns. The last cake was a 4-layered cake. The background was stripes of the 3 colors with white ribbon boarder at each base. 
    I looked to Gillian, she was practically drooling, as was Mic. El had a sparkle in her eyes, wide grin, and hands clenched together. I assumed it was because her little girls are finally getting Married. Well 2 of the 4...
    "Kay girls, take a bite of each! Then write down the scores for the flavor, filling, and designs!" I personally loved cake two's design, but I was never a big fan of red velvet. After tasting the cakes I went into the kitschen to look at the ratings.
  Cake 1- 3 for cake, 7 for design.
  Cake 2- 8 for cake, 7 10 for filling, 8 for design.
  Cake 3- 5 for cake, 1 for filling(have strawberry instead), 4 for design.

  Cake 1- 8 for cake, 9 for design.
  Cake 2- 7 for cake, 7 for filling, 9 for design.
  Cake 3- 7 for cake, 5 for filling, 3 for design (creative but too wild).
  Cake 1- 7 for cake, 3 for design (to basic for me).
  Cake 2- 8 for cake, 8 for filling, 10 for design.
  Cake 3- 4 for cake, 2 for filling, 6 for design.

   Well, looks like cake 3 is out... Maybe I can have cake two's design with chocolate cake... and Mic's idea of strawberry filling...


******Okay I know I havent posted in FOREVER! And Im sooooo sorry :'( just been extremely lazy ._. and schools been keeping me busy :/ I promise to start writing again! Love you ********************

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