Isn't She Lovely

Okay so this is the sequel to Let Me Love You! Its about Michaela and Harry's wedding! Go through the journey, with both the groom and the bride, of planning their perfect day!


2. April Lynn Tomlinson

  ~Harry's POV~

    "Guys?" I hear Louis' soft voice and I look up. In his hands is a bundle of pink, he has the proudest smile ever. I stood up slowly. "How would you like to meet April?" She was beautiful. Small little hands in those baby mittens up by her face, tan skin like her daddy. A head full of brown hair. She yawned, squeaking the slightest bit. 


    "Oh my gosh Lou, she's so precious." This came from Gillian, in just a barely audible whisper. "She has your nose Louis. And her Mommys lips." Niall was to my left, and Gillian to his. To my right was Mic and Zayn. Makayla was in the delivery room still with Eleanor. April really was a little angel. 


    "Can I hold her?" I asked shy. He looked up and nodded slightly, then moved her ever so carefully into my arms. She nestled closer to my chest and then fell back asleep. "Hey sweet heart. Welcome to the world. I'm your uncle Harry." I was whispering and smiling so wide. I admit I let a few tears fall. I hadnt been able to be here for the birth of Louis' other two children. She moved her hands from her face, scrunched up her nose, and then she opened her eyes. She had green, maybe hazel eyes. Absolutely beautiful. Everyone gasped. "Hey. Hey April. Look at those little eyes. You're so pretty." She squeaked and closed her eyes again, sticking her tounge out. I couldn't help but laugh.   


  "My turn!" Niall said. I handed over the little bundle and dried my eyes. Everyone took their turns holding her. Zayn was last and when he gave her a little kiss on her head, she smiled at him. It was so cute. Lou took her back, so her mommy could feed her. Then Makayla came out, red cheeks, wet eyes. What was wrong? Lou said April and El were fine?   


  "I don't ever want her to go through that again." Makayla barely whispered. She wasnt the best with surgeries and blood and stuff, so I wasn't surprised she was worn out. Zayn hurried to her, just in time to catch her limp body from hitting the floor.   


  "Makayla, what happened?" Gil would be the one to ask. Anyone else and it would've come out wrong. She sat next to the exhausted girl, stroking her hair. Perfect pair, the two friends.   


  "She was so dialated, and the baby was coming fast, she couldn't be put on an epidural or anything, she had to go completely natural. She passed out as soon as they had the baby out, that's why Lou brought her out here." She curled into Zayn's shoulder. "I couldn't do anything to help her, neither could Lou. They made me leave, practically pushed me out of the room. She's still sleeping." 


    She took a deep breath, but not a normal one like always. I immediately knew what she was doing, she did it when she was younger to hold back tears. She never wanted to cry unless someone important left in her life. I pushed everyone out of the way and took her from Zayn so she was on her knees like me, looking me in the eye. "Makayla, don't you dare do that. Don't be afraid, it's okay to cry sweet heart. If you hold it back that will only make things worse. Last time you did this I let it go and Liam found you with a razor in your shower. Let, it, out." I said it sternly, but worried as well. She looked at me unsure, then burst into tears. She cried for a good 10 minutes just laying in my lap, me smoothing her hair. She was like my baby sister, I hated seeing her this way, but she needed it. "Hey, it'll be okay. Eleanor is healthy, April is healthy, they're both just fine." A nurse came out then and confirmed Eleanor was perfectly fine, and now was awake feeding her baby. This time when Makayla took a deep breath it was more of a sigh of relief. We all headed home within the next two hours, besides Lou.




That was three months ago. It's now April and I'm in the living room with Michaela, picking out our wedding invitations. We were having an outdoors wedding, in the woods. The first one was simple with our names in green, the envelope was brown and at the bottom were pine trees of a faded brown. Second, was a bit more formal with cursive writing all in black to the right and in the bottom left corner was a bunch of orange sillouette flowers. The last one was the most decorative. It had a camo back ground and a big orange lily at the top, black cursive lettering in a faded white box. I looked to Micki to see her thoughts on them, before adding mine. 


    "Tell me yours first Harry." Of course she would say that.  


  "Okay, I'm not a big fan of the one with the pine trees really. My favorite is this one." I pointed to the camo one. "It stands out, and the flower is beautiful, like a special someone I know." I winked in her direction. She giggled and nodded.  


  "Okay, I agree that the first design is out of the picture." She moved that off to the side and put on her thinking face. So adorable. "Template 3 it is! I love the design." I pulled her into a hug, kissing her temple. She wrote down the decision and then the number 70. Meaning she'd order 70 invitations. "Okay, all set. I'm gonna go get ready and then head to the flower shop!" She stood up and walked to our room.   


  I heard my stomachs growl and headed to the kitchen. In the fridge, milk, olives, lunch meat, cheese, yogurt, and a few other things. Well I could make a sandwich. I checked the cuboard, no bread. Also in the cuboard was some ramen noodles, eh not really in the mood for them. Cereal, bagels, Mac-n-cheese. Nothin. There's gotta be something in the freezer, I thought. Not really, ice cream, peas, he burgers for dinner.   


  "Micki love! I'm going grocery shopping! Need anything while I'm at the store?"   


  "Uuummm, yeah actually. Only a few things. I need some of my tea, strawberries, Hershey chocolate bars...."  She paused then poked her head out of our room and continued. "And could you get me some more pads?"     


"Yeah, no problem babe." I went and kissed her on the forehead then went out to my car. 


  ~Mic's POV~    


  After Harry left I got a shower. A nice long steamy one to help relax. I'd been so excited from planning the wedding, I've been a bit overworked. Nobody's fault but my own though. I threw on some black slacks and a cute pale green blouse over a white tank top. I slipped on some flats and my jacket then headed out. I was meeting Sally and Makayla at Poppy Floral... Horrible name, old woman in England, at a flower shop.... I guess that's all the explanation I needed. Either way us girls were going to pick out the flowers and colors for the table center pieces, and then if we had time, for the bridesmaids bouquets! I was beyond excited!


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