Isn't She Lovely

Okay so this is the sequel to Let Me Love You! Its about Michaela and Harry's wedding! Go through the journey, with both the groom and the bride, of planning their perfect day!


10. 10 months later


~Michaela's POV~


     I stared down at the stick. I didn't know if I was scared or happy. It couldn't be true... I wasn't... I couldn't be! I'm not married yet! I still have a month! Only a month... I won't tell anyone. I'll tell them at the wedding. Maybe something will go wrong and I can forget it... maybe this isn't even correct.... 

    I have to tell them at the wedding.


--------- 4 weeks later --------------


     "Maddie walks down starting everything off; go on and stand at the podium there. Then Gillian and Niall walk down; Gillian next to Maddie, Niall next to that podium over that way. Eleanor and Louis go next; Eleanor next Gillian, Louis next to Niall. Liam and Danielle walk down next, Dani being the matron of Honor you stand on that step, Liam you stand on the step next to Louis. Then Makayla being the maid of honor, stand on the step above Dani. Zayn being the best man, the step above Liam. Then... last but most impprtantly, The bride and the groom. Michaela and Harry? The top step, on the platform. There will be the arch over you; the priest, er.. I will stand here. Before you two the flower girls, Lily and April will walk... um toddle down the isle spreading the petals. Then after you will be little Jackson, the ring bearer and he'll stand next to his daddy until the rings are needed. After the vows are said, the flower girl again walk up the isle, this time with little Jackson. Then the adults walk up the isle in opposite order.Then everyone will be taken to the party room. Food served at 5:30. Party ends at 8, couple is flown off at 10. 


     The priest finished the demonstration, and we all went to the practice dinner. Tomorrow was the day. Tomorrow was my wedding. Tomorrow I told everyone.


~Harry's POV~


    "You may kiss the bride." I looked into her eyes, wiped away the tears and kissed her beautiful pink lips. She had on eyeliner, shimmer eye shadow, and lip gloss. Nothing else but a bit of jewelry for accessory. 

     "Absolutely beautiful." I whispered. The girls and Jackson headed up the path, and-hand in hand- Mic and I followed, along with the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Directly to the previously prepared party room. 

    We had had our first dance, the father daughter dance, the singles' dance, and the kids' dance. Now we were seated at our table with dinner served. I was about to stand up when Mic put her hand on mine and stood up. She took the microphone and cleared her throat. "Hey everybody. Haha, hi! So, wow. Mrs. Michaela Styles. I couldn't be happier, and I want to thank all of you for sharing this day with me. I have had so much fun so far, and it's not over yet. Before anyone makes a heartfelt, or embarrassing speech... I have news. I double-checked this morning... and I promised myself last month I'd tell everyone... Ummm, I have an unexpected visitor. And well, umm. Elounor, Dani? Makayla, Gillian? You all are gonna be aunts again.... I'm about two month pregnant everyone. Congratulations daddy." she kissed my cheek, as I was now standing up and holding her tummy. Everyone cheered and all the girls ran to be in front of Micki hugging and crying and rubbing her tummy as well. Once they all sat down she continued. "Sorry I didn't tell anyone before, especially you Harry. I was scared, and really didn't want to accept it. Now though? I'm ready. I'm not scared anymore. I'm happy, and I hope all of you are for me and Harry as well." I didn't let her say another word, I took the microphone and kissed her so hard we were like one. Then it was my turn.

     "I'M GONNA BE A DADDY EVERYONE!" I couldn't hold back the tear at my eye, and my voice cracked as I continued. "I'm gonna be a daddy, and I have a beautiful wife, and we're going to Australia tonight.... I'm gonna be a daddy!" I held up Mic's hand like we were Katniss and Peeta, only for a different reason. Our story was only beginning.... I didn't know what else to say besides what came to my mind next... Everyone quieted down, and I took Michaela's beautiful, delicate face in my hand. "Isn't she lovely?"

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