The Runaway Meets the Rogue (Completed)

Zee runs away from her pack when she finds out she has to marry Cameron (the Alpha of the neighboring pack.) She ends up in Oregon, where she meets two other werewolves, Jax and Landon. Will she fall for Landon or Cameron? Which one is her true mate?


22. Epilogue

Ivory is eight now. She's full of energy. She has my hair. She has the same powers as me. I just hope it won't be a burden for her. I didn't know about my powers growing up, but Ivory does. I hope it doesn't make her unhappy.

She's playing in the field. It hasn't been easy, but Cameron and I have got through it.

Everything we've gone through has made us stronger. I still have the scars from when Damon cut me. I still wake up in the middle of the night from nightmares about what happened to me.  There will be a time when I'll tell Ivory about what happened, but she's too young right now.

Ivory makes all those bad memories go away. She's my light when I'm in the dark. She'll be the light to many people when she takes the throne. Cameron and I are still madly in love; we always will be.

My grandparents are still here to guide me with ruling whenever I need it. It has been hard at times. Werewolves come from all around for help, but sometimes I cannot help them. I have to choose who I help carefully. At least that's what my grandma told me.

"Ivory stop levitating things." I told her. She pouted, but put the log down. She's already learning how to use her powers. I feel like her powers are more powerful than mine. I wish they weren't. I just hope nobody is after her. I know if the past repeats itself Cameron and I will protect her no matter what. We will not let anybody touch her.

There are days where it's easy, and then there are days where it's hard. But, I know that I wouldn't change anything. I'm happy with how my life planned out. I wouldn't change anything. I have a loving family and that's all I need.

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