The Runaway Meets the Rogue (Completed)

Zee runs away from her pack when she finds out she has to marry Cameron (the Alpha of the neighboring pack.) She ends up in Oregon, where she meets two other werewolves, Jax and Landon. Will she fall for Landon or Cameron? Which one is her true mate?


11. Chapter 11: Back Home

I woke up to the sun being in my eyes. I tried to get up so I could shut the curtain, but Cameron pulled me closer to him. I rolled my eyes. His eyes were still shut, but I knew that he was awake. I tried getting up again- no luck.

"Don't go." I heard him say. I smiled.

"I'm not going anywhere, Cameron. I just wanted to shut the curtain." His grip on me loosened and I got out of bed. I shut the curtain. I walked back over to the bed and got back in. I wasn't tired anymore, I just wanted to stay here with Cameron.

Cameron smashed his lips to mine. We pulled away when we ran out of breath. Staring into his eyes made me realize how stupid I was to run away.

"When are you going to let me mark you?" He asked. He didn't want any other werewolves to try and mark me themselves. They wouldn't know that I was with someone.

"Soon," I replied. "For now I need to see if my dad's back home."

"It's early in the morning, I doubt he's back." Cameron said. I rolled my eyes. "What? I was just being honest!" I laughed.

"Let's go get something for breakfast." I said, walking passed him. He quickly followed behind me.

After we ate breakfast we walked over to my old pack. I was surprised that people were already out and about. I guess it isn't that early.

I walked into my old house, Cameron right beside me. I was going to get my answers. I deserved to know why that guy was after me. Cameron grabbed my hand. We were outside my dad's office. We could hear typing. He's back. Cameron gives my hand a reassuring squeeze.

I knock on the door. My dad opens the door and smiles at me. He embraces me in a hug. I smile. I missed him a lot. He moves out of the way so that Cameron and I can walk into the room.

Cameron takes my hand in his and we sit down. My dad sighs.

"I know why you're here, Zee." He said. I furrowed my eyebrows. "You deserve to know why that guy was after you, why the Nightwalkers pack is after you."

"It seems like everybody knows except me." I said. My dad gave me a sad smile.

"I wanted to make sure you were old enough to understand. I thought they stopped tracking you, but I have just been informed that they haven't." My dad said.

"Why are they after me?" I asked. My dad looked down at the wooden desk. My dad sighed.

"Are you listening?" I nodded my head. "This is going to be a lot to process." He informed me. "I will start off with the main thing. You're of royal bloodline." My eyes widened. I'm what?

*A/N: This chapter was meant as more of a filler chapter for what's going to happen next. I kind of left a cliffhanger. I'll update soon.*

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