The Man Behind Bars

A thug, desperately in-need of money, named Robin Taylor, he has no parents and no grandparents, just his little brother named William Taylor, he decides to rob a Market near-by his nan's old house. But does he know he's being watched?


1. The "Perfect Robbery"


On Thursday 21st August 1996, A extremely dangerous man named Robin Taylor got put in a  jail sentence for murdering two police men after being accused of theft in a market, just up the road from his nan's old house, the police caught evidence and used it against Robin from the CCTV camera's which were hidden up in a tree just outside the market, the proof shown Robin loading a pistol just behind the market, as he then exited the alley way, he slipped it into his jacket pocket, hiding it securely.
What Robin didn't know was that he was being watched, so he then entered the market, trying not to act suspicious, he started looking around the market, then spotted a till and a the Market Keeper, he approached the Market Keeper and asked if the Market sold any DVD's, the Market Keeper answered "Yes, Ofcourse.. They're on the second shelf to the right".
*Robin Nods, slowly slipping his hand into his jacket's pocket then revealing a loaded pistol, carefully holds it by his side*
"Sir?", The Market Keeper asks Robin.
*Lifts up his pistol, then aiming it directly to the Market Keeper's head, pulling the Market Keeper by his T-Shirt, dragging him closer, then using his other hand to open up his bag on his back.
Robin shouts, "Open up that fuckin' till and throw the money in the bag!"
The Market Keeper makes a great big gulp of fright, he then speaks gently.
"P-Please... I.. I'll lose my job.. I have a-a family..."
Robin ignores the Market Keeper and fermly places his finger onto the trigger then speaks.
"I do not care, do as I say or I'll fire a fuckin' cap into yo' head!"
*The Market Keeper nods then secretly and silently lowers his left hand onto a button, carefully pressing it.*
*The alert bell rings loudly*
Robin would look speachless, as he stands still for a second, frozen and not knowing what to do, Robin jumps over the counter and grabs the man before he could move, placing the gun to his head, before the Market Keeper can speak, Robin is too impatient and pulls the trigger, violently murdering him, as he fires twice more. *Bang, Bang* as the gun shots would be heard from a mile away.
Robin blown his cover, he tries to open the till, typing away.. he doesn't open it, sirens are then heard, Robin is shocked and scared.. He makes a run for the exit, the sirens get closer and closer.. and closer...

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