Letter to my brother -1-

just a poem -


1. Letter to my brother -1-


my brother Ami,

from the land of 

Pineapples and lemons

wanted to write to you

in late hours,

to wish you good 

travel tomorrow

to the desert land with camels,  


Please, be safe on the road,

may Allah protect you 

in the weather hot!

in endless sand dunes

the time is so slow,

even letters from your

lovely sister are 

out of the law.   


Take care with the guns

and weapons 

and how you wash 

your blue jeans...

I pray Allah to help you

in that distant place 

i`ll miss you as always

drawing your portrait 

with black ink.

i`ll think of you and write,

and dream to be by your side.  


My brother 

mon frère, 

mio fratello,



akhi, bhai,

you know 

I love you,

waiting you 


after may!     




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