My name is Izable Miku. I am a witch with a demon in me. His name is Mysticon. He calls me Izzy and he is a dragon. DWMA invites me to ally with them. Will my being different affect that?


1. Demon Caster

  I felt the magic. Swelling. All around me. I am here. The voice spoke to me. My dragon. Mysticon. A demon of mine. It's time to kill. I opened my eyes. My red eyes. I am a witch. A demon caster. I have never been able to fit in. Mysticon always takes over. I have killed. I am a monster. I tried to suppress the demon inside. A meister and weapon stood in front of me. The meister with her blonde hair in pig tails and emerald green eyes held her partner and weapon a scythe. Black and red blade. I looked at them. They know nothing.

  "What do you want," I said as calmly as possible. I already knew. They want to kill me. Get my soul.

  "Lord Death wants us to bring you to him," The blonde female said. Her answer came as a surprise.

  "Mysticon," my silk voice said. "What shall we do?" The girl stared at me. Bring me out. "But why?" I want to speak to them. "Very well." I stuck out my hand. A portal formed in front of me. He came out. Mysticon. He is tall and black. Jet black. His great wingspan shielded me. His muscled chest puffed out.

  "Why does the god you speak of want with my girl," He roared. The girl stepped back. Startled. "Speak child. Or be destroyed."

  "I-I.. he wants her and you as allies," she whimpered. Fear. No she shouldn't show that around Mysticon. He feeds off it.

  "Why should we," Mysticon laughed. Rare but not extinct. "Pesky meister."

  "Mysticon," I said. He turned his ear towards me. He didn't want to let her out of his sight. "Her offer is appealing."

  "What do you mean Izzy," He whispered.

  "I've always wondered," I said. "What it's like to be normal. If it doesn't work out we will kill them." I looked down. Mysticon always hated my desire to be normal.

  "You know how I feel about that desire," He boomed. "But I am your servant. Very well Izzy. We shall go with them. He turned to his human form. Blonde hair, purple eyes. He looked my age. "But I will go as your weapon. My job is to protect and serve at all costs."

  "What are your names," I asked the weapon/ meister combo. "My name is Izable Miku. You will call me by my first name. This is Mysticon, my demon. He is the Lord of the Nether realm."

  " I-I am Maka Albarn," the female practically shook. So nervous. "This is Soul Eater."

  "Ahh," Mysticon sighed. "Your fear is radiant." He laughed at the girl. "It fills my with happiness."

  "Now Mysticon," I tsked at him. "Don't startle the poor girl with your selfish desires for fear and madness. Let us go now. It is safe for you to exit your weapon form now Soul." He shifted. Silver hair, red eyes. I narrowed my eyes at him. His eyes such a sight. Madness dwelled in the back ground. " Look at his eyes. Madness lingers in them despite his meisters exorcist soul. A pretty red. Scarlet maybe." My own were a crimson. The color of blood.

  "What a sight," Mysticon strolled up to the boy, erm..Soul, and looked in his eyes. "His resemble yours my mistress."

  "This is so uncool," Soul muttered. I giggled.

  "I find that our definitions of cool differ greatly," I whispered. My voice rose from a whisper. "If we are done lolly gagging, we should go. Mysticon no matter what happens you must listen to my every word."

  He put a fist over his heart and bowed. "Yes my lady."

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