Equith is a world of horses, Unicorn and Pegasus. The Becklets live above the ground, and were good on earth. The Devi's live under the soil and are horses that were mean fighters on earth. When the Devi's decide they want to come up from the soil, will the Becklets be able to stop them?


5. First ride

Mystic and Amelia walked through the gate. Mystic was eager to get going. He had missed being ridden since his injury, and even if it wasn't his girl, who he vaguely remembered being called Emily, he was still slightly happy to have another girl on his back. He wanted to gallop over fresh hills or in the sea of a sandy beach. He wanted to be soaring over jumps again as soon as he could, and now that his hoof was 100% better, now was the right time to start again.

At first, Amelia found it hard to keep Mystic at a walk. But after a few laps around the large sand school he had calmed down and was ready to start trotting. Slowly, they merged into a trot, sitting for a lap then rising. They went three times around the sand school, trotting all the way. Then Mystic was very happy to be going into canter, which they done elegantly for five laps. Amelia then slowly brought him back to walking.

Jodie magicked into the school two posts. She lifted the pole onto the first notch. Mystic and Amelia trotted up to it, and cantered over. Mystic was loving it, and they were only just beginning. Instead of gradually getting higher, they went for the top straight away. Whilst Jodie altered the poles, Amelia cantered around the school.

They approached the jump. Amelia got in position. Mystic took off, soaring over the jump with ease. "Good boy!" Amelia praised as she patted him and gave him a small hug. Jodie gave him a few polos, then jumped on his back as they trotted back to his stable. Whilst Amelia was in the school, jodie had spend time thinking of a lovely list of treats they could do for Mystic after good work. The first one to do was a massage.

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