Best Dream Ever or was It Even a Dream

this is my first movella so please enjoy!!
Eva Annie Emma and Megan are the best of friends what will happen when one day coming home from shopping the stop at a coffee shop with a group of boys out side.
who are they and what will happen???


1. where is all began

Eva's pov

My friends and I had been shopping round Victoria Square, we were getting a taxi home when drove past a coffee shop and saw a group of young lads outside we asked the taxi driver to pull over so we could get a coffee. On our way in a book I bought my sister fell out of my bag THE ONLY WAY IS UP By One Direction. One of the boys came over a picked it up, put a note inside it, gave it to me and left. My friends and I decided to sit in and drink our coffee so we told the driver he could go. We went inside and tried to find a table. All we could think about was what the note said...........

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