One year | A One Direction fanfic

They say twins can be trouble, but what if you're not just a twin, but a quadruplet?
Ashley, Chloe, Caitlyn and Kimberly - the names of the four sisters. They all look exactly the same and only their closest friends and family can tell them apart. They don't find the fun in switching places in California because they've lived there all their lives, but what will happen when their parents decides to send them away for a year? The four girls used to be best friends but now they're spilt into two different groups. At home they're arguing all the time and their parents have had it!
When they arrive to London they are still divided into their two groups and at school it's the same - Ashley and Kimberly soon get status at school and ends up in the popular group once again...But when one of the popular boys falls for another sister drama is out...
How far will the girls go to get what they want? Will they come together or will they try to sabotage each other? They've got one year...


2. Introducing Ashley


Name: Ashley

Age: one week from 18

Loves: Boys, shoes and party

Random facts: Well...I'm the oldest! Just of the four of us, Brandon is one year older than us! Some people would say that I come of as a shallow person just because I'm one of the five popular girls in school. Everyone knows who Kimberley, Simone, Becca, Taylor and I are - and that's just a fact. If people don't know me I guess I look shallow to the out world, but I'm not, they say Kimberley and I dumped our sisters to be more popular, which is totally NOT true! We just grew apart and we all know that. I just got out of a 3 years relationship with a boy called Dylan, it was the most amazing 3 years and I'm kind of heartbroken, but I can't show that at school! Both Dylan and I are in the popular group and a breakup could throw you right out of that group! So I act like I'm okay even though I know Kimberley, Chloe and Caitlyn can tell that I'm not. I just have to ignore it! I think that this year is going to be exiting! There are going to be a lot of arguing in the penthouse, but who knows... Maybe we are not as different as we think we are!

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