One year | A One Direction fanfic

They say twins can be trouble, but what if you're not just a twin, but a quadruplet?
Ashley, Chloe, Caitlyn and Kimberly - the names of the four sisters. They all look exactly the same and only their closest friends and family can tell them apart. They don't find the fun in switching places in California because they've lived there all their lives, but what will happen when their parents decides to send them away for a year? The four girls used to be best friends but now they're spilt into two different groups. At home they're arguing all the time and their parents have had it!
When they arrive to London they are still divided into their two groups and at school it's the same - Ashley and Kimberly soon get status at school and ends up in the popular group once again...But when one of the popular boys falls for another sister drama is out...
How far will the girls go to get what they want? Will they come together or will they try to sabotage each other? They've got one year...


9. Everything is changed

Ashley's point of view:


I walked into my room and since I got first pick I had NOTHING to complain about. I started unpacking right away and soon enough my big walk-in closet was starting to look like something! Since I was now living in London, where the sun would only shine for 5 days each year, I had bought so many jeans and sweaters. Usually I never wore anything but shorts, skirts, tees and dresses! This was going to be so weird...


After an hour or so of unpacking with my music super loud, I was sitting on my computer with Miley Cyrus' "I miss you" playing, while I was watching the pictures that my friends from home had uploaded during the day!

Suddenly Kimberly interrupted me, she walked in on me from behind and I didn't notice her until she sat down on my bed next to me,

"It's all going to be fine Ash, we will have each other to lean on! No one can stop us right? When we start school next Monday, we will blow them all away!" Kim really tried to cheer me up and it kinda helped. I put on a small genuine smile on my face, but she saw right through me and saw the sadness in my eyes. 


"Ash what's up? You know you're not supposed to watch what Dylan is doing - This will be your new start!" I looked at her with a surprised expression on my face.


"How did you??" I started but couldn't finish. We had never really talked about how I felt after the break-up. I had just tried to push it all away, since the fact that I couldn't show emotion in school. 


"Ashley...I'm your sister! We're best friends, I can always tell how you are truly feeling inside, It's a gift" she said and winked...

"You can't hide from me girl, I new from the very first day when you guys ended it, that you were heartbroken. I still don't know why you never talked honest with me about it but I tried to give you your space!"


"I guess I was just afraid," I started out slowly..."I guess I was afraid that if I started crying my heart out I would never stop crying again. I was afraid of showing weakness in front of you, in front of the others and especially in front of people at school!"


"I get that Ash, but now we're here - we're in London! Look around, I know this is not what we're used to, the apartment is like our old house, but the surroundings! Everything is changed, we get to be whoever we want to be here - and you and I, we're going to be awesome as usual! This is our new beginning! Together we will change this city!"


"Kimberly I know I've said it before and I will tell you this until the end of time… You are the absolute best sister in the entire world." We came together in a hug! This was exactly what I needed - my sister being there for me!


"So now, close that computer, wipe them tears and come with me! We will go down to the kitchen and make ourselves a nice cup of coffee - I think coffee and a movie is what you and I need today! 


Kimberly's point of view:


After I had walked in on my sister crying on her bed, we had gone downstairs to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee. When we came down we realized that we didn't have ANYTHING in our kitchen, we went out to do some grocery shopping. Lucky for us there were a Sainsbury on the left and a Tesco on the right of our complex. We just bought some coffee, some fruit, champagne and most importantly some popcorn!


I kept going over and over in my mind what I had told Ashley, when I tried to calm her down...

Everything is changed, we get to be whoever we want to be here - and you and I, we're going to be awesome as usual! This is our new beginning! Together we will change this city!

It wasn't all for her, it was for me as well. I needed to get my mind of home too - I need to get my mind of him! We had to make some changes… Ashley had to get over Dylan and so did I! Yup that's right...The guy I have this huge crush on is no one other then my sisters ex. They had been together for so many years - like how was it even possible for me to develop feelings for him? He was one of my best friends, so why would I want to ruin that? I had to get over him ASAP and if not, then hopefully Ashley will find a new guy here so that she will give me her permission to go after Dylan when we get back home - like that would ever happen, but a girl can dream right? 


We got back to the apartment, or should I say flat? I guess I better start getting used to this kind of English instead of American. So yeah...We got back to the flat and made ourselves some popcorn, a cup of coffee and then walked back to my room. We had a bunch of movies with us from back home, so we found one of our absolute favorite movie for when we needed to cheer up...Bring it on! Yeah you might sit there and think "WTF" - but you need to keep in mind, both Ashley and I are cheerleaders, or were cheerleaders. Co-captains you know, so we always watch cheer movies when we need to get happy - cheering is our lives! Now we need to find a new hobby and since we love music, parties and boys that must be it! But for heartbreak, a movie about someone finding the love of their lives, would probably not be the best idea! I might be "the youngest" but please don't call me the one with the lowest IQ! 


When we had finished the movie we switched over to the TV and just went through the channels - we found four channels that looked just a bit interesting...ITV1, ITV2, TLC and VH1! 

We ended up on VH1 which was a channel that played music all day - or at least today, we couldn't really tell if it was everyday since this was our first day ... 


After a few hours we heard girls laughing and talking in the hallway so I guess the others where home. Ash and I looked to each other and soon stood up. We had planned to go talk to the others and ask if they would have dinner with us.  

Ashley knocked the door - I actually didn't even know who stayed in which room, but I guess I would figure that out sometime! Hopefully...


"Come in" Caitlyn said from the other side of the door so I guessed it would be her room that we where just about to walk into - and when we opened I didn't know if I was right or wrong...
Caitlyn and Chloe where like Ashley and I, totally alike! Same taste in everything! Their taste is petty retro but with a trendy touch! Ash and I are more trendy with a retro touch! 
Chloe was no where to be seen, but I could hear someone in the walk-in-closet. 


Soon enough Chloe appeared and started talking...

"What do you want?" She looked at us with a confused expression on her face and even bigger confusion in her voice. 


"We just came to ask if you wanted to eat dinner? We were thinking pizza and we bought some champagne earlier today?!"


They looked at each other and back at us - we were just standing there in silence for a few seconds but Chloe and Caitlyn both started nodding and said they would be happy to join us. This would hopefully be the best way to start our year here in London...

Tonights dinner could either be a step in the right direction or maybe it would be a disaster...Only time will tell!


- - -  - - -  - - - - - - - - - -


Sorry guys that the boys is not in the story so far! I will write one of the next chapters from their pov, but as soon as the school year will begin, they will be in the story all the time! 


But please let me know what you think of this, because I really love this story and I hope you guys will enjoy it just as much! I have so many ideas already! 

Like, comment or favorite PLEASE :I 



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