One year | A One Direction fanfic

They say twins can be trouble, but what if you're not just a twin, but a quadruplet?
Ashley, Chloe, Caitlyn and Kimberly - the names of the four sisters. They all look exactly the same and only their closest friends and family can tell them apart. They don't find the fun in switching places in California because they've lived there all their lives, but what will happen when their parents decides to send them away for a year? The four girls used to be best friends but now they're spilt into two different groups. At home they're arguing all the time and their parents have had it!
When they arrive to London they are still divided into their two groups and at school it's the same - Ashley and Kimberly soon get status at school and ends up in the popular group once again...But when one of the popular boys falls for another sister drama is out...
How far will the girls go to get what they want? Will they come together or will they try to sabotage each other? They've got one year...


6. At least we get to celebrate our birthday...

Ashley’s POV


I guess our parents were getting sick and tired of us being so different and us arguing over stuff that used to be our biggest sources to a great laugh.

They probably missed us? Who knows? All I know is that I’m going to hate Britain! I’m going to miss all my friends and the weather, I’ve heard it’s raining all the time and there’s absolutely no chance in hell that I’ll be walking around in a coat and boots for the next 12 months. I’ve lived in California for the past 17 years, 11 months and 3 weeks! No way I would want to swap the sun, beach and friends with rain, school uniforms and strangers.


At least we get to host our 18th birthday party before we leave for the United rainy Kingdom!


Chloe’s POV


I’m really going to miss this place. I can’t believe that my 3 sisters and I need to leave the house, neighbourhood and city wherein we grew up! At least they’ll be there when we move overseas! Or… At least Caitlyn will be there! Ashley and Kimberley are the reason why we need to move! They have to be so perfect all the time! They can never take a joke anymore! I miss the way we used to be, but I guess there’s a reason it’s “used to be” – but who knows… Maybe this year will be the best thing that could happen to us! I’m going to give it a try, if not for us then for our parents!


I can’t wait to celebrate our birthday in 4 days! It’s going to be the biggest party of the year! Like every other year, because we ALWAYS host the biggest and best parties! That’s the one thing that we can all still agree on… WE LOVE PARTIES! Our birthday is always something special and this year it’s also a going away party… Some people say that the only reason our parties are better is because there’s four of us – But I don’t care… At least almost everyone gets to be there, because we all have friends! Even though most of the people invited are from Ashley and Kimberley’s lists!


Caitlyn’s POV


I HATE THIS! I HATE THAT MY PARENTS ARE MAKING ME DO THIS! I don’t want to leave! I hate London! We’ve only been there for a week once on a holiday, but I hate it! I don’t want to live there! Yeah, London, that’s where they’re sending us! The others are taking so lightly on it and all I want to do is sit in front of my parents and beg them while crying in hope of them changing their minds! In hope of them taking the phone and call the people who sold our parents the stupid “flat,” as they called it over there, and say that we didn’t wanted to live there so they were so awesome and let us stay home! I know I sound like I don’t appreciate what my parents do and the things they give to us, but I am! I’m so grateful for being in the position in life that I am in! I know people struggle to pay the rent and buy food and clothes. That has never been a problem in our family! We are 6 children, and us four girls are quadruplets! We are lucky – I know that! The problem is the fact that I’m extremely shy and I like being in the environment that I know and love. Even though I miss the relationship we once had I honestly don’t think that London will change us… One good thing is that we get to live on our own, which means that we get to make the rules! And the penthouse is in 3 floors with plenty of bedrooms and 2 kitchens so I guess if it goes totally wrong, we can just separate into two groups just like home.

Not the separate in two different kitchens thing, but the two groups thing! Even though we are quadruplets we could’ve been two times twins! That’s the way we act…


Guess I’ll have to go to London with my sisters and “love” it… But right now I just can’t wait to celebrate our 18th birthday! BEST THING THAT WILL HAPPEN IN A YEAR!



Kimberley’s POV



OMG OMG OMG!!!! I can’t wait! I can’t believe that our parents will let us move to London, on our own, for an entire year! I mean… We get to spend our 18th birthday here at home and then IT’S LONDON BABY for an entire year after words! We get to celebrate our 19th birthday in a foreign country without our parents or our brothers whom I of course love and adore more than anything, but still…we get to live in our own flat, as they say in London, and get to host (hopefully) the best parties, as we do here! I don’t think getting friends will be a problem for us… I mean, there are four of us, which means that there are four different people to like, so everyone would have to like at least one of us, right?

There is one downside though…WE HAVE TO WEAR SCHOOL UNIFORMS! We got rid of those after kindergarten here, which means we haven’t worn the same clothes as each other, like on the same day, since we were 5, which is almost 13 years ago. Even when we were all BFF’s we had a slightly different style every one of us! We had almost all the same things, but in different colours and mixed it differently, so people have been able to tell us apart since forever! When we get to London no one will know us, so not only will we look exactly alike with our faces and hair, but we will also have to wear the exact same outfits! People are going to be so confused… It’s going to be a pain in the ass for us! Hopefully we aren’t in the same classes in school!

I know we chose almost the exact same classes, but they must be able to make 4 different schedules, right? I sure hope so! Unless… They think we are in need of being together since we are new to the school and only know each other… I guess we’ll have to wait and see!  


- - - - - - - - - - -


So...this was the first chapter! I just wanted to introduce how the girls each felt about being send away for a year! Hopefully you like it - If you do, please like and put it on favorites :-) 

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