Behind The Computer Screen

A multinational computer software named Tech-Vo starts to have strange effects on the public. A young journalist decides to go behind the face of Tech-Vo and what's going on.


2. Tech-Vo incorporated

Eddie walked into a huge atrium with many corridors leading off. The carpets, tiles and desks were different shades of blue.

The main focus point was a giant glass lift that stood on the back wall. In the centre of the room was a circular reception desk. Eddie; starting to feel a little nervous, plucked up his courage and walked up to the young girl who was sat behind the desk talking into a headphone.

"Good morning Tech-Vo 'Creating a brighter future today' I'm Kelly how may I help you? Please hold" she looked up at me and smiled

"Good morning, I'm Kelly how may I help you" she sounded almost robotic.

"I'm Eddie Raven I'm here to see Mr Carbone I'm aware he's the man who created Tech-Vo?"

"That's right. Unfortunately Mr Carbone is dealing with a problem that's going on in Tech-Vo's main operating system and wont be able to see anybody for about 30 minutes"

"Oh, is there a possibility that I can wait?"

"Of course, there is a waiting studio just off to your left and you'll come to it at the end of the corridor." She said indicating the right corridor with her hand

"Thank you" As he walked away he heard he re start the conversation with the person on the phone. He walked down the corridor and at the end he came to a smaller atrium with about 30 blue chairs set around the edge of the room.

There were only about 4 people who were all dressed in suits and looking incredibly nervous. He sat down next to a boy about his age, the boy looked up at him and smiled. A woman came out of one of the office rooms "Mr Mathew Granger?" The boy next to him stood up and walked into the office behind the woman.

It was like a dentist waiting room, for the next 40 minutes the same woman came out of the room, called a different name and then that person would come out of her office and left.

After 50 minutes Eddie was about to give up and go home when a big bellied round faced man walked down a corridor and shouted his name "Eddie Raven?" He stood up and followed the man down a corridor and into a large oval office.

"Now Mr Raven what do you want to talk to me about?"

"It's about your idea Mr Carbone, Tech-Vo. You see I'm doing an article on Tech-Vo and I need to look around, would that be possible"

"It's a dangerous thing you know. Messing around with things that are best left un touched. Tech-Vo isn't open to the public and im not about to expose it. I'm sorry Mr Raven but that is not doable" there was a nock at the door.

"Come in" A girl about 12 walked in.

Eddie gave a sound of shock and stood up. Where the girls eyes should be there was just a white glow from inside. On top of her head was a headset plugged into her ears. Wires that came down from the headset sort of wove themselves into the girls neck. When she spoke it sounded electronic

"Mr Carbone there is another problem in the main operating system."

Mr Carbone had his head in his hands. "Okay thank you 246 you may go now" the girl nodded and turned around.

"What the hell was that?" Mr Carbone got the mega phone from his desk and spoke into it

"Kelly, get the interceptors to my office. He knows"

"I'm going to write this article exposing you to the whole world"

"I'm afraid I cant let you do that Mr Raven. We can't let you go" The door to his office opened and in came James. Eddie looked at him confused.

"James?! You were right they're brainwashing children" James started to laugh again "What James?"

"I know. I've been a part of it ever since it was created. I came up with the idea to use children. They're just like rats you see. So much easier to control but we're in need of a main brain and you'd fit the post." Behind James came 4 more men dressing in interceptor kit, they rounded on Eddie who screamed,

The four men all blew gas into Eddie's face. The last thing he saw were six faces smiling down at him their eyes wide with an eagerness to watch him suffer.

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