Behind The Computer Screen

A multinational computer software named Tech-Vo starts to have strange effects on the public. A young journalist decides to go behind the face of Tech-Vo and what's going on.


1. A suspicious investigation

"Tech-Vo the new computer software that's gripping the nation and turning them into computer heads! it's clever design and careful monitoring means that Tech- Vo is safe for anyone. Log on now and get your Tech-Vo and join the craze.

Tech-Vo creating a brighter Future today"


"Puffs, what a load of rubbish!" said James as the TV advert flitted off the screen, his flat mate came into the room.

"What you on about that Tech-Vo thing?" His flat mate Eddie asked

"Yeah, it's a load of crap, I mean 'Creating a brighter future today' what's that supposed to mean? " James mimicked the voice on the advert making his friend laugh. James smirked.

James and Eddie were both 22,  under graduates of Business Information Systems and Journalism Studies at the University of East London, they had met during their first year of college they took to each instantly. In the year they left college they took a year out to go traveling and then both got a place on the same course at the same university. They both then moved into a flat together.

"I really don't understand what the whole craze is about Tech-Vo, they're just bigging it up to be something amazing" Eddie said stood leaning against the door frame.

"I bet Mr Gargrave would give us an amazing Grade if we did an 'expose' of Tech-Vo for our summer project" James said getting a sudden idea

"Yeah but where would we start? we don't know anything about it, or where headquarters is or whatever" Eddie said sounding uninterested in the plan.

"so we find out" James said trying to persuade Eddie

"I don't know James, it sounds dangerous, I mean you've heard all these superstitions" Eddie said, he was scared.

"what do you mean superstitions?"

"you know, people wondering how things like Tech-Vo really work, you heard that story of the guy who worked for Microsoft what was his name? Jimmy that's it. Well jimmy claimed that Microsoft was being run by a load of brainwashed Children. He swears that they wiped the kids memories and then hooked them up to a computer and fed software updates through their minds"

"So, he's probably just trying to scare people" James said ignoring his friend.

"I don't think so James, a week after he made the claim to the press, Jimmy went missing. No one ever saw him again."

"So?" James asked

"So, the Microsoft guy...Bill Gates probably abducted him for revealing the secret. I reckon they killed him or brainwashed him." James started laughing "what you laughing at Jay?"

"You really think Bill Gates is going to brainwash a load of kids, dude you're dizzy!" James said clutching his sides as he roared with laughter.

"No im not James, im going to prove it to you, just you wait and see" Eddie said. James' phone started to ring, he stood up and began to walk out of the room.

"Fine whatever you say mate" he said just as he rounded the corner. After he was out of sight of Eddie he ran down the corridor to his bedroom, when he closed the door he bolted it and cautiously pressed the answer phone.

"Hello? he said, A man's voice answered him

"James, hi. How's the update going?"

"Not good sir, Eddie's working it out sir?"

"Well what did you find out?"

"I fake baited him, I asked him to do an expose project then he told me everything he knew" James said a slight evil smirk on his face

"And?" the man asked

"He's on to us sir, he's suspicious about the Bill Gates case."

"Ah bugger, Well you've done well, make sure he doesn't find out about us James. It's key that we keep it a secret, we aren't strong enough to take over yet. Tech-Vo needs more users"

"Yes sir"

"Make sure he doesn't find out about us!"

"Yes sir" Then the man on the line hung up. James stood their his back to his door, smiling evilly to himself.

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