Wild Childs ➳ H.S. & N.H.

The Pittman twins had everything in Melbourne, Australia. They were the most popular girls in school but also the nicest. They weren't afraid of being wild and crazy but when their wildness takes it over the edge their parents force them to move the U.K. Laney and Taylor keep to themselves not wanting to know anybody. But can five boys change that? Will they bring back Taylor and Laney's wild sides?
© All rights reserved Fvckmeharrystyles 2013


6. Party Maybe?

Taylor's  p.o.v.

I wanted to go this party tonight and I think Laney does to she just doesn't want to admitt it. So I walked down the stairs to find my aunt.

"Auntie! Can we go to a party we got invited to!" I shouted as I walked into the kitchen.

"I guess but don't be pulling anything like you did in Aussie!" Laney walked in the kitchen bursting in fits of laughter.

"We won't but you got to admitt that was awesome! You and mom used to be just as crazy as we were!" Laney said. As I giggled along.

"Yes we were crazy but I'm not suppose to speak of it your mothers orders!" She said with mocking face.

"Well you girls better go get ready if you want to make it there on time!" she said leaving the kitchen.

As the words left her mouth Laney and I raced up to our rooms to get ready. After about a half hour we walked out into the hallway to look at each other sending us both into fits of laughter seeing that we had about the same idea of what we wanted to wear.

"Hey I just got a text from Harry of the address and stuff so lets go!" She said as I winked at her at the name Harry.

"No!" Is all she said before racing down the stairs and out the door to the car before I could see her face or she was just upset again because she misses Dallas. You see Dallas and Laney were like thing just not an official thing which was going to happen as soon as Dallas got back from vacation which was today. She didn't even get to say good bye to him or anyhting besides over text.

I walked down the stairs and out the door to see in the car Laney fixing her makeup just must have cried a bit. When I got in Laney was typing in the gps the address. After a twenty minute car ride we were there. People were flooding out of the house as the music came along with them. We reached the steps as we were about to knock the door flew open.

Laney's p.o.v. 

The door flew open so we meet Liam's shaven head and beautiful big brown eyes.

"Hey Laney! Hey Taylor!" He said engulfing us in a hug.

"Hello Liam!" We said in sync.

"Come on in let me get you ladies some drinks!" He said leading us to the kitchen.

I noticed some faces of people from school others not so much. Liam turned around handing both of us a beer. We chugged it down within a minute.

"Dang! You girls certainly know how to drink!" I winked looking around to find a dance floor. When I spotted it I grabbed Taylor and Liam's hand leading them towards it. The music flew through our bodies. I soon seen Niall pull Taylor away and start dancing with her so I was left alone with Liam our hips grinding together. I was spun around to meet his face as he started leaning in closer Before he came any closer I pulled his hand and started heading towards the kitchen.

"Lets get a drink!" I shouted over the music. 

Liam walked finding no more drinks left he picked me up setting me on the counter.

"Wait right here I'm going to go get more drinks from the basement!" I nodded at his words.

I sat on the counter playing with my hair waiting for Liam to return when Harry walked through the kitchen door.

"Since when did you get here and what are you doing in here all alone love?" Harry asked.

"Like a half hour ago and waiting for Liam to get back with drinks!" Harry walked up to me going in between my legs and setting his arms on my waist.

"Well how long have you been sitting here now?" He asked.

"Like five minutes!" I sighed.

"Well why don't you come with me and will do some body shots?" He asked with a wink. I giggled in return hopping of the counter as Harry grabbed my hand leading me to the basement where there was a bar. 

"You first!" He said with a wink. So I hopped on the counter lying flat on my back rising my shirt so my belly showed then the guy running the bar poured the drink on my stomach. 

"Ready go!" Shouted the guy. At his words Harry took the shot of my stomach I giggled at it due to how ticklish my stomach was.

"Is someone ticklish?" Harry asked with a chuckle.

"I don't know what your talking about but your turn Styles!" I said while laughing. He jumped on bar doing the same as I did. Before I knew it I was taking a body shot off him hearing him chuckle as I did so.

"Oh I someone ticklish?" I mocked.

Harry just chuckled as he waved at the guy to pour us regular shots. After about 15 shots I was drunk. Harry and I just laughed at everything. Harry doing anything to make me laugh.

"So how are you liking here?" He questioned.

"Um I guess it's alright but I still miss home a lot!" I said while fiddling with my fingers.

Harry lifted my chin to face him.

"Trust me things will get better!" I sighed. Taylor came wobbling over completely wasted.

"I want to go home I'm getting a headache I need sleep!" She said shaking my shoulder.

I looked around to notice mostly everybody gone. Holy crap I didn't even notice.

"Uh okay but were going to have to walk home I've been drinking and so have you!" I said grabbing my phone of the bar.

"Uh that's like a fourty minute walk!" She said whining.

"Well next time one of us will have to not drink!" I said laughing at how drunk she was.

"You guys could stay here!" Harry said with a grin.

"Oh thank you!" Taylor said.

"U-uh-uh." I said.

"Come on just for tonight!" Taylor whined. 

"Fine just this time!" I only said yes because I didn't want to carry Taylor on my back all the way home seeing she is to drunk to walk properly. 

"Alright lets go!" Harry said leading to the bedrooms upstairs. 

"Taylor can sleep in Niall's room! It's that one he pointed to a door. 

I knocked on the door as Niall got up and answered. 

"Um hey Harry said Taylor could sleep in your room with you since.." I was cut off.

"No need to explain!" He said grabbing Taylor and shutting the door behind him. 

I turned around to meet Harry's emerald green eyes as he grabbed my hand leading me to I'm guessing his room.

As we walked in he went straight to his draws handing me one of his t-shirts. I was going to change when I noticed Harry's eyes on me.

"Turn around Styles!" I said looking at him. He chuckled.

"Oh right I'm sorry!" He said still laughing. I changed quickly folding my clothes and getting under the duvet.

"I'm done!" I said. Harry turned around winking at me as he just started changing in front of me into some sweat pants and no shirt. I found myself not looking away from his toned chest.

"Like what you see?" He said with a wink. I turned my head blushing as he caught me I laid my head on the pillow as he shut the light off and crawled under the duvet.

I was almost asleep when I felt Harry grab my waist and pulled my back to his chest. I don't know why but I didn't move I just sat there and fell asleep. 

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