Wild Childs ➳ H.S. & N.H.

The Pittman twins had everything in Melbourne, Australia. They were the most popular girls in school but also the nicest. They weren't afraid of being wild and crazy but when their wildness takes it over the edge their parents force them to move the U.K. Laney and Taylor keep to themselves not wanting to know anybody. But can five boys change that? Will they bring back Taylor and Laney's wild sides?
© All rights reserved Fvckmeharrystyles 2013


2. One call.

Taylors P.O.V

Sitting in the back of a cop car with my sister by my side was the longest ride ever. After awhile we got to the police station. "Alright, now you have one phone call each." We both knew exactly who we were going to call, even if we got in deep shit. We sat in the cell, waiting for our parents to come and bail us out. After what seemed like hours, we saw our mom and dad standing in front of the cell looking extremely pissed off. "You're free to go, but your court date is next Wednesday. Make sure you both show," said the cop. The drive home was completely silent except for when Laney asked if we could stop and get some taco bell. Our dad yelled No and it was silent the rest of the way home.

Laneys P.O.V.

Tay and I were excepting to get bitched at when we got home, but nothing happened. Mom and Dad just told us to go to our rooms, and that we would talk about it in the morning. I went into my room, changed and went into my bathroom. I took off my make up, brushed my teeth and hair and went to go lay down. Before I fell asleep I texted Taylor and said "Tonight was so fun, but we're so fucked!" All she replied was "It was totally worth it!" I laughed to myself a little bit and fell asleep.

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