Wild Childs ➳ H.S. & N.H.

The Pittman twins had everything in Melbourne, Australia. They were the most popular girls in school but also the nicest. They weren't afraid of being wild and crazy but when their wildness takes it over the edge their parents force them to move the U.K. Laney and Taylor keep to themselves not wanting to know anybody. But can five boys change that? Will they bring back Taylor and Laney's wild sides?
© All rights reserved Fvckmeharrystyles 2013


12. Movie night.

Laney's p.o.v.

We all were at the boy's house getting ready to watch movies in the home movie theater while Niall, Taylor, and I went to get snacks in the kitchen. 

"So Laney what did you and Harry do?" Taylor asked as Niall chuckled along. I felt my cheeks burn red.

"Nothing!" I quickly said grabbing the bowl of snacks and walking back to where everybody was.

"It doesn't look like nothing by how red your cheeks are!" Taylor yelled behind me as I walked away. 

I set the snacks down on the table as Niall and Taylor walked in setting the drinks down. I turned back around to see Harry patting the seat next to him. I walked over sitting next to him as he wrapped his arms and the blanket around us I leaned my head down on nuzzling it in his chest. 

I looked around to see Niall and Taylor cuddling, Zayn and Bree cuddling, and Tiffany and Liam cuddling. I took my eyes to find Louis sitting starring Chelsea who was sitting next to Bree and Zayn. I could totally tell he has feelings for her and she has them for him! It's time to play match maker. 

Taylor's p.o.v.

Niall and I sat at the top row above everyone else. I cuddled more into him as we watched "Perks Of Being A Wallflower!" Niall slowly bent down to my ear. 

"Taylor I know it's really early and all but I wanted to know if you'd be my girlfriend?" He asked with a whisper. I couldn't come out with words I was so surprise so I turned to Niall and smashed my lips into his which led to me swiping my tongue against his lip asking for entrance which he allowed our tongues danced with each other.

"GET A ROOM YOU TWO!" Laney shouted from where her and Harry sat. Niall and I both pulled away redder then firetrucks. 

"So is that a yes?" He asked. I nodded pecking his lips againg before returning to the movie.


(A/N) Hey guys I'm so sorry for shuch a short update I'm kind of having writers block for this story! I know I know I need to remove it but I probably just need to sleep on it and it will blow over! Plus I'm going to the fair or do something tomorrow so it will clear my mind and give me new ideas!(: I love you guys so much I hope you still like this chapter!(: xoxo.-Laney.

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