Perfect Recipe For Disaster (1D Fan Fic)


1 dad

1 stepmum

A wedding

1 stepsister

1 stepbrother (He must be a teacher, nerdy looking, a genius, and 20.)

1 Makeover

3/4 cup of cheaters

1/2 cup of secrets and lies

3 cups of drama

and voila. The perfect recipe for disaster.

Georgia Rose never expected she would fall in love with her stepbrother. She never expected him to be her teacher Either.

(Ps. Only directioners know why I put georgia rose c; )

Ellie Workman as Georgia Rose
Harry Styles as Harry Marcel Styles
Tom Cruise as Andrew Rose
Anne Cox as Anne Rose
Louis Tomlinson as Himself
Niall Horan as Himself
Liam Payne as Himself
Zayn Malik as Himself


1. Get A dad and add 1 Stepmum

Guiseeeeeee enjoy :3 Make sure to also check out my : Wild Hearts (1D Fan Fiction) This might be long :D

(casting is in the blurb <3)

❄~Georgia's POV~❄

" Georgia LETS GO! WE'RE GONNA BE LATE FOR THE FLIGHT!!" My dad's voice boomed from downstairs. I looked at my room. It was empty. Like my heart. I held back the tear that threatened to spill. "Georgia!! NOW!" I ran downstairs and got in the car. "Got everything you need sweety?" my dad asked me. I nodded. I stared out the window and looked at my house. The house my mom raised me in. The house where I was loved. The house where I spent my whole life at. The house I had fun with my friends and family out. The house that held so much precious memories. I wiped my tear as soon as I felt the warm liquid drop to my hand. For the rest of the drive I was asleep.






I fluttered my eyes open and looked around. I didnt recognize where I was at. I heard footsteps and I pretended to be asleep. "She's really pretty" I heard a girl voice say. "I guess. She looks nice." A deep husky voice assumed. Once I heard the footsteps faint I got up and searched frantically for my dad. "Dad?" I whisper shouted. "Daaaaad?" I repeated once again. I heard no answers. Once again I heard footsteps going down the stairs and once they got closer I tried to hide but I was too late. "Uh... Hi" a boy greeted me. I took in his appearance. He had his hair laid back and straightened, he was wearing glasses that were too big for his face and were also held together with tape. He was kinda cute.. I gave him a half smile. "Your dad and my mum are out today" He notified me. I nodded my head and waited for him to continue. "I'll show you around the house." He offered me. "So, this is my room, and this is yours, Im Harry by the way." He pointed to a door next to him. I nodded, "Georgia" and entered my new room. I was shocked, everything was already put in place. I plopped on my bed and closed my eyes for a bit. I didnt really feel like searching my room and looking for the closet or whatever.

☆-Harry's POV-☆

I opened the door to the balcony and quietly tiptoed in Georgia's room. Thankfully the door was open and she was asleep. I searched for something that I might get to know about her. I really wanted to know alot about her... She's really pretty. I know I shouldnt be doing this, and I shouldnt be thinking about her like that. She's my soon to be stepsister. And she's gonna be my student soon. I know Im only 20, but I guess you can say Im smart, I got bumped up lots of grades and here I am, a teacher. I searched her drawers and found nothing. I looked under her bed and found nothing. I searched everywhere but there was nothing. I saw a box that wasnt opened yet with the label 'Georgia's Privacy'. I wanted to open it but that wouldve made too much noise and she would've noticed I opened it. I opened the door another door that was connected to our rooms, and went back to mine. It was a really weird house. They connected the room 2 times.. 

❄~Georgia's POV~❄

I woke up to the sound of a door slam. Dad must be here. I looked around my room. Shit I forgot where the door was... I opened the door across my bed and opened it. "AGHHHH!!!!!!" I Screamed closing my eyes. "PLEASE GET OUT!" Harry screamed. I obeyed him and went back to my room. I opened another door on the right side of my bed and it was a balcony. Wow, the view here is so beautiful... I'm sure Im gonna be spending most of my life in here. I closed the door to the balcony. (you guys might be asking why she went in there when most balconies have glass doors. It is a glass door thingy but with curtains she probably has bad eyesight Idk whatever lol) I opened the 3rd door on the left of my bed and saw it was a bathroom. SCORE. The 4th next to the bathroom was a walk in closet, and the last next to the bathroom was the hallway. "HALLELUJAH!" I whisper shouted. I scurried downstairs and began looking for my dad. "Georgia! Im in the kitchen!" He shouted. I looked for the kitchen and found my dad standing there next to his soon to be wife, my soon to be stepmum. "Er, Hi" I greeted them. "Georgia! Its so nice to finally meet you. Such a Beautiful young lady" She greeted me with the sweetest voice I've ever heard. She seems nice. I smiled at her and answered, "Thank you" Time went by fast and I found myself in my room taking an adventure on where things were. Im still not used to it. I walked to the balcony and brought my ukulele with me. I took interest in the uke when my asian friend Andrea and I made a cover. I started playing 'How To Save A Life' by the Fray. It was my favorite song because it reminded me of me and my best friend, Daniel. I started strumming the intro and sang. "Step one you say we need to talk, he walks you say sit down its just a talk..." I dont think Im a good singer, so I just sing when Im alone or in the shower. 'Thud' I looked behind me and saw Harry on the floor. "Sneaking on me I see?" I winked at him. "Er, n-no?" He defended himself. I smiled at him and went back to just strumming the ukulele. "Y-You're pretty good at the uhh.. The ukulele" He complimented "And singing." He added. I shook my head. "Not really. Im not very good at singing but thanks." I stared out to the sky filled with beautiful shimmering stars. I just sat there looking at them, in my head I was thinking 'Mum, I know youre watching over me. I miss you...' "It's beautiful isnt it?" Harry interrupted my thoughts. I looked at him and nodded. "You're really pretty." Harry mumbled. I looked at him with widened eyes. WHAT DID HE JUST SAY?


☆-Harry's POV-☆

(Guys sorry for the constant changes of POV as I said, its gonna be pretty long.)

"You're really pretty." I blurted out, instantly regretting it. Her eyes widened, but went back to normal. "Thanks. You are too?" she told me, but it came out more like a question. We sat there in silence. 

❄~Georgia's POV~❄

We just sat there in silence for a couple of minutes until Harry hummed. I recognized the song. 'Just the way you are'. I smiled and looked up at the stars again. I looked at Harry in the eyes while he started to sing out the words. "And when you smile..... the whole world stops and stares for awhile, cos girl you're amazing, just the way you are" I smiled at him and noticed that we were only inches apart. He leaned in and his soft lips brushed on mine. I felt like I could stay here forever. When he pulled back, I frowned, in my head of course. The next thing he said took me back.. 


Okay so yeah, that was it. What do you guys think? Leave a comment :) Bye my lovelies <3

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