One direction turned me

One direction turned me
Harry is the vampire lord son so he can do watever he wants so zayn niall Liam and Louis are his little puppets so read the story to find out wat happens


10. Saved?

Zayns pov i carried Katherine to the hospital and told the doctor that she was losing alot of blood and that shes not moving.she took me to katherines room and i layed her down on the bed.she told me to wait in the waiting room so i went there and saw Liam,Louis,Niall,Yosmery,and ryann.i ran up to her and hugged her.she kissed me on the lips and i kissed back.when we stopped kissing we sat on the chairs and sat next to eachother holding hands.

5 mins later~~~

The doctor came out and said the words i never wanted to hear"Katherine is dying".i ran in there  and harry was there feeding her his blood.then katherines eyes closed.

katherines pov i woke up in harrys bed and harry was next to me asleep.i quietly got out of the bed and out the room.when i got out i turned around and saw harry.i almost screamed but harry covered my mouth and said I'm sorry that i did that,my inner vampire came out and i didn't know wh-he stopped talking because i kissed him and my legs were wrapped around his waist.he put his arms around my back and went down.i stopped and said dont do that.he giggle and put my legs on the ground.he said i saved you.i said what do you mean sav-no no no please don't tell me you turned me.he said i did because i loved you.i said i love you too.and umm i change my mind.he said changed your mind about what?.i said yes i will go out with you.he said yes!.i giggled and continued kissing him.


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