One direction turned me

One direction turned me
Harry is the vampire lord son so he can do watever he wants so zayn niall Liam and Louis are his little puppets so read the story to find out wat happens


7. Queen

Katherines pov zayn niall Liam and Louis are biting me and it burns!.i started screaming then everything blacked out.

zayns pov i woke up and found myself biting katherine.i tried to wake her up but she wouldn't move.Liam Louis and niall are trying too.i knew what to do.i bit myself and gave my blood to her.i knew there was a chance she would be an evil vampire but I'm taking that chance because.......i love her.she woke up a few minutes later screaming and her eye color was changing.that never happened to no she?.she can't be?.maybe she is?.the guernsey of vampires!?.she stopped screaming and her eye colors stopped changing.she had a black dress and a cape on that is black on the back and red in the front.she also had a crown.then her eyes kept changing colors and her teeth came out.she looked at me and kissed me she had claws on and it hurt my face.i remembered what the book said.he who turns the queen is the queens king.ooops harry loved her too!.

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