One direction turned me

One direction turned me
Harry is the vampire lord son so he can do watever he wants so zayn niall Liam and Louis are his little puppets so read the story to find out wat happens


6. Blood

Harrys pov i woke up and was sad that asking katherine out was a dream but after that dream i think its time to ask her out.i ran down stairs and saw her exactly where she was in the dream i said Katherine will you go out with me?.she said why?.she said your keeping me her forever feeding on me and you think i can go out with you after that i barely know you!.i got so mad i pushed her off the seat picked her up and took her to my room i locked the door and pushed her on the wall she whimpered but i didn't care she broke my heart.i bit her on the neck and kept on drinking.i stopped and went to her stomach.i kept on biting her on her arms legs stomach neck cheeks until she fainted i put her on the bed and bit my arm and put my blood in her mouth i got a bottle of water and went backing okay room and she was awake i gave her the bottle of water and did what i wanted to do when she broke my heart.i grabbed a knife and duct tape.i put duct tape on her mouth got the knife and cut her on her neck a bit so that she wouldn't die.i stopped and da downstairs with the knife.i put it on the table and sat down on the couch crying.when i finished crying i wiped my eyes and went upstairs to check on katherine.she was sleeping.i went back down stairs and saw zayn niall Louis and Liam staring at the knife that i had.they all licked it and their eyes turned red.i knew what was gonna happen.i tried going to Katherine upstairs but zayn tackled me and everyone went to Katherine.zayn got off me and went there too.he closed the door.i tried opening the door but it was locked.i heard screaming andi knew it was katherine.then the screaming stopped.i started crying nonstop.

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