One direction turned me

One direction turned me
Harry is the vampire lord son so he can do watever he wants so zayn niall Liam and Louis are his little puppets so read the story to find out wat happens


3. Authors note

Authors note

so guys I'm seeing if anybody wants to be in this story you can be zayns gf Liam's gf

 Louis gf nialls girlfriend or their bf and harrys bf or their friends including harry and Katherine's friends and bf and Ed sherans bf friend or girlfriend so yeah ask to be any of them and I'm i need you to tell me your eye color hair color wat part you want if any creature and your power and you can be their sisters brothers Katherine's sister or brother and you can be a co author the tenth one to ask will be it and the one that has a good reason to be a co author so yeah any ways it's 3:34 am and it's my aunts birthday today yay my birthday is coming soon any wats follow me on tthese:



facebook-katherine mariela zuniga


so anyways that's all i got and follow me like me favorite me read my books don't care ill read your books though i promise

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