Always and forever

This is the sequel to love at first sight!

Will taj and jaden still get married?
Will someone ruin everything?


12. We should've never came back

It has been two weeks on me and jadens honeymoon and now it was the day we go back home but this time going home with a baby in my stomach, so this will be interesting to do consitering last time it was end of tour and I didn't have one, but this time I do and scooter wants me to go one tour agian with my new songs because so many people love my new cd and want a tour. So I guess this will be "wonderful" won't it. 


Me and ja packed our stuff and went to the airport we got on the flight and it took almost 5 hours to get home in California but we got there got in jadens car with all our bags and headed home it was a 2 hour drive and I was tired so I went to sleep. "Taj wake up baby were home" jaden said nudging me shoulder as we pulled in the driveway, there was cars everywhere in the driveway and street I'm guessing my hole family was there, I was so scared to go in cause my big bump cause the baby but I had to come home sooner or later baby or not. I grabbed my purse with my phone and makeup and keys and other stuff in it and my bags and jaden grabbed his phone and bags we walked up to the door and right there my mom jada and mela opened the door they both standing there with all me and jadens family behind them so happy me and jaden are back home, my dad and brothers grabbed my stuff and jadens and put it upstairs in me and jadens bedroom. 

Mom: I'm so happy your home I've missed you to death she said hugging me tightly and kissed my cheek 

mom#2: were all so happy your home darling and same as you jaden come give your mom a hug she said hugging me and jaden 

jen: omg are you pregnant!? 

And right there I knew everyone was going to go crazy over this asking questions congratulating and wanting to go baby shopping and the hole nine yeards. Me and jaden just stood there I looked up at him his face full of madness and worry at the same time I grabbed his hand and we both held on tightly, our hands sweaty and tighter than ever that's when my dad came down. 

Dad: my daughters what? 

Mom: she's pregnant 

dad: taj your pregnant!? 

Taj: YES EVERYONE IM PREGNANT WITH JADENS BABY! I said load and clear so everyone could hear me when I said it. 

Mom#2: omg I finally have a grandchild, my son is a father will our son is a father this is so great 

Will(dad#2): that's great welcome to fatherhood son 

mom: my baby is all grown up, I mean I love that I have a grandchild and everything but you just so grown up so fast I don't like it. She said laughing a little and I laughed with her so break tention 

dad: is it a boy or girl, cause if its a boy than ill be able to go fishing and stuff with him. 

Jaden: we don't know yet we are going to the docter soon to figure out if its a boy or girl. 

Dad, mom, dad#2, mom#2: okay I can't want to find out if its a boy or girl. 

Meet spent 5 hours with the hole family having a barbecue/welcome home party it was fun but long tho at the same time after 5 hours everyone finally left and it was just me jaden Jen and justin. We all dicided to watch a movie and eat popcorn like old times so I went upstairs and put on sweatpants and jaden long shirt that went down to me thighs went down stairs got 5-6 bags of popcorn and than we all say down in our pj's and blankets and watched the conjuring. Jen and justin sat down on the floor and cuddled in there blanket and me and jaden sat on the couch cuddled in our blanket all eating popcorn and watching the scary movie justin put on. 

Every time there was a scary part I wouldn't get scared like I used to Jen thought it was wierd but I told her it was cause when your pregnant something's about you change than after birth you go back to your normal self a little. And than she watched the movie agian before I could finish the movie I fell asleep in jadens arms. 

-------- next day------- 

i woke up got took a quick shower did makeup hair and put on a dress then went to the studio to see scooter. I got my car keys got in my car and drove off, when I got there a familiar car was there next to scooters car. I walked in and say scooter talking to some guy but I didn't know who but I kinda recognized the voice that when scooter say me and told me to go into the voice box so I can't start singing so I did I put my bag with my phone keys and everything else in the corner of the voice box room I was in and than I put on the head phones and started to sing. I sang the song "the only expection" and than the guy and scooter turned around and watched me sing my heart out. Than I looked at the guy and say his face it was Ty, Ty was at the studio watching me sing I was so scared whie I was singing all I could think was, how does he know scooter? What is he doing here? Why is he here? What was going on here? Than when the song ended scooter told me to take a 5 minute break and so I did I went to go get something to eat an when I went to the kitchen than Ty came over. 

Ty: hey taj how's life 

taj: amazing just amazing I said with a huge smile 

ty: that's good that's good, well how are you and jaden haven't heard about you two in a long while? 

Taj: we're perfect we got married and we have a baby on the way soon. We actually just came back from our honeymoon. 

Ty: oh that's cool we'll congrats on all that he said smiling. (( what is wrong with this kid)) 

taj: yea so what about you I asked him with a concerned face 

ty: oh well I got a girlfriend I've been with for 7 months now and I'm just here cause she wanted me to spend time with her dad for a while so I am. And I'm now a biker now and stuff it's pretty cool 

taj: that's cool and wait who's your girlfriends dad 

ty: scooter is her dad that's why I am here 

taj: scooter has a daughter I didn't know he never told me like ever 

ty: yea nobody knows about scooters daughter, she is just like this missing peace of a puzzle 

taj: wow okay well that's great for you. But well I have to get back to work bye Ty 

ty: bye taj and your really great at singing. 

Taj: thanks Ty, you know you've changed alot I can see I kinda like it

ty: thanks and people do change. 

Taj: I know that people change Ty I'm not sstupid 

miss left and went back to the voice box and did all my new songs and than after me and scooter were talking about tour and when tour would start and luckily tour will start after or before this baby is born and not in the middle. After the studio I went back home when I got home jaden was gone and so was justin but Jen was still here. "Jen I'm home your not alone anymore" and I heard no answer till I heard a little scream so I ran upstairs with my gun. Than I heard it agian than I say her room door was closed I went to open it but it was locked I heard her scream agian this time I used my gun and shot the door so It wasn't locked anymore an that's when everything stopped I kicked the door open and than I saw Jen sitting there with the blanket covering her and than I looked around the room there was nothing happening. "Jen what's going on?" I asked Jen with and angry look and still holding my gun up,"nothing taj nothing was going on" she said with a worried look than I looked under her bed from where I was and I say a face I looked back up and Jen "Jen is that someone else or justin?" I asked her agian this time pointing at the figure under her bed. "Taj out the gun down please" she asked me while she walked over to me with the blanket around her "Jen who the fuck is that" I yelled at her while backing away with the gun. "Put the damn gun down taj" "NO NOT TILL HE COMES OUT" than he came out and it was Derek. ((Wtf was Derek doing here? Why was he half naked and why was Jen? Was Jen cheating on my bestfriend/older brother friend? What was going on, than it hit me they were having)) "OMG JEN YOU CHEATED ON JUSTIN" "taj please don't tell it was only this one time, Derek came over saying how sorry he has been his hole life side we broke up and saying how much he loves me and everything and it kinda but got to me and next thing I know this is happening, pleas don't tell justin I love justin" "NO YOU DONT LOVE JUSTIN IF YOY LOVED JUSTIN YOU WOULDN'T HAVE DONE THIS TO HIM" I yelled and started to cry because my bestfriend/sister was cheating on my bestfriend/ older brother Ive always wanted. "I'm gong to go I'm sorry for all this I won't come back agian or talk to you guys agian I just wanted to say all that to Jen so she would know I'm sorry" "YOU SHOULD HAVE NEVER CAME IN THE FIRST PLACE DEREK YOU HAVE DONE ALL THIS NOW YOY HAVE TO PAY" I yelled at him I ran downstairs and outside than I say justin and jaden pull up in there cars jaden turned his car off and ran over to me cause he say me run out with my keys and phone with my gun in my hand. Justin came over after him jaden was holding my tightly while I held him tight while crying and than jaden took the gun from my hands "what's wrong baby what happened?" He asked me I just sat there quit cause I didn't want justin to hear and I didn't want to hurt him or loose him cause the last time I lost someone important in my life they never came back or the died and I couldn't take it anymore. "Taj baby talk to me please what's going on tell me" "I want to so bab but I can't" I said quit but load enought for jaden to hear "why baby why can't you tell me" I gulped my bug lump than said "because I don't want to hurt or loose justin he's like the older brother Ive never had and I can't like anyone anymore" than justin heard and he came closer "taj nothing can hurt me that bad or make me leave you your like my little sister Ive never had but always wanted nomatter what happens ill never leave my family behind and even if I did leave I'd take my family with me" he said trying to calm me down I took a while to for the words but it came out soon "je-Jen ch-cheated on y-you j-justin, I'm-I'm so-so s-sorry" I managed to say than he just stood there with shock and hurt and anger in his eyes "where is she and with who" he asked me trying to be calm with me cause he wasn't mad at me I just pointed to the house and when justin jaden and I looked at the door than we say Jen with clothes on and her hair up in a messy bun and that we say Derek come out from down the stairs than justi. Went to go kill Derek but jaden stopped justin. "Justin calm down just leave it alone its not worth it trust me" "JADEN MOVE NOW I DOT WANT TO HURT YOU" "justin no let's just go please just look at taj she is crying her eyes out go with taj and go away for a while ill meet you guys where ever just text me where at but take taj and go" than justin looked at me came over to me picked me up and out me in his car and than we drive off.

------jaden prove-----

I say taj and justin leave very fast and than that's when I turned around and say Derek try to run for it than I stopped him and I kicked his ass for justin while Jen was just standing there yellig for me to stop killing him, but I didn't stop hurting humid kept going and than when I was done I went threw the hole house with all 20-39 bags packing up me justin and taj's stuff all around the house even the food clothes makeup perfume axe EVERYTHING of ours put all 20-30 bags in my car a drove off leaving Jen the house and all her stuff in it behind while Jen sat there crying because all she had was an empty house with nothing but her clothes and makeup and perfume in it and none if the people she loved was in it. While I was driving in the car with EVERYTHING from the house in it I got a text from taj saying to go meet at our top secret place in Miami near the beach(( its top secret because no one I mean NOONE but me and taj knew about that place that was the only place me and taj actually paid for the other houses we didn't pay for they were just like houses the company wanted us to live in but all those houses were someone else's know and the house Jen is in is Justin's house really)) so when I got there me justin and taj unpacked the car and out EVEYTHING from the other house in this one when everything got settled we all went out to get taj car than came back to the house and we all watched movies all night than I say justin sad a hurt so I called up Selina cause I know that justin and Selina are friends and they kinda like eachother so I called her up and than we all 4 watched movies and had fun all night. 

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