Always and forever

This is the sequel to love at first sight!

Will taj and jaden still get married?
Will someone ruin everything?


9. The honeymoon

EAfter the eating and the cake and the speeches it was time for the dancing first was the father daughter dance so me and my dad went to the dance floor and started dancing to the song "daddy" by Beyonce  when the song was over me and jaden were to dance jaden came up to me asked my dad if he can cut in took me by the waist I wrapped me arms around his neck and we danced to the song "wanted" by hunter Hayes "I love you taj so much" ja whispered in my ear "I love you so much too ja" I whispered back to him than he looked me in the eyes and we kissed. Than when me and jadens dance was over all different kids of songs were playing for everyone to dance and have fun. It was now 6-7pm It was an amazing wedding and now it was time for the wedding to end and me and jaden go to the honeymoon, I went back to the room and put on my light blue dress on that went in at my waist and went down to the middle of my thighs and I put on my blue vans and headed out. All the bags were in the back of my car so me and jaden walked over to the car getting in and driving off while people were congratulating us and growing seed and flowers at us. Than we headed to the honeymoon place(I don't know where the honeymoon is because jaden and his family were the ones that planned the honeymoon. 

Taj: Ja where are we going for the honeymoon?

Jaden: you'll see soon, trust me you'll like it love 

Taj: okay ja but please tell me you didn't do anything to huge 

jaden: can't promise that, as he chuckled and had a ssmirk 

when we got somewhere I thought that was it so, but it wasn't I asked jaden if this was it but it wasn't we ended up taking our bags on a boat and it took us to a beautiful island off the Coast of the place we were recently in. It had a beautiful big house in the trees on top of the island and  there was a beautiful beach area and the sunset look absolutely amazing on top of the trees. "Do you like it babygirl it's just for us" he said while wrapping his arms around my stomach as he held me close "it's amazing ja I love it but how did you-" "it's my family's get away island house mom and dad said we can use it for the honeymoon, I'm glad you like it boo" "It's so sweet, I love you ja" issue as I turned around in his arms and kissed his soft warm lips.

when we got to he house in the trees jaden out all the bags in the room as I stood at the door cause he wanted me to wait he came back with a rose in his hand gave it to me kissed me on the cheek than lifted me up bridal style and carried me into the room when we got to the bedroom there was a candle or two(more than two) around the room and there on the bed was roses "ja you didn't have to-" "I wanted to and I already did" he put me down and pressed his lips to mine, he moved the roses off the bed an onto the floor and laid me down on the bed as we kissed after about what seemed like forever of a romantic passionate kiss he started to kiss my neck than my sweet spot than chest than stomach than to my thighs he kissed my right than my left giving me tingles down my spine he than came slowly up sending more down my spine than we had a hot makeout session as he took my panties off and rubbed on my clit in circles sending chills all over my body he kept going at it till I almost reached my climax than he pulled away and than he took my dress of and out it on the floor with my shoes phone bags and panties than I turned him around so I was on top and I kissed at his sweet spot than his chest stomach than to his boxer I took his pants and boxers off showing his huge bulge and threw his pants and boxer with all my stuff in the floor I than came back up and kissed him on his lips a few times while rubbing his bulge than I stopped the kiss came down and started to suck on his huge bulge till I felt him about to reach his climax while he was screaming and moaning I pulled away and laid on my back than he came hovering over me and kissed me than went down agian licking my clit on circles making me moan and scream till I was about to reach my climax he than came hover back up and out his huge bulge on my now wet clit and started to rub his bugle on my clit teasing me "stop teasing me" I begged he chuckled and than pushed his huge bulge up my wet V thrusting in an out faster and harder every minute making us both scream and moan really load after it got hotter and hotter we both finally reached out climax he pulled out than laid on his back I moved closer to him put my arm on his chest and the other around his waist/stomach my leg around his waist/stomach my head on his chest and we both fell asleep. ((The candles were already blown out before they fell asleep)) 



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